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Memorial Day; Don't Exercise Your Right to be Disrespectful

Memorial Day; Don't Exercise Your Right to be Disrespectful
Esprit de cor.  Patriotism.  Respect.  That’s what this weekend boils down to – Respect.  It’s not an extra day off from work.  It’s not the barbeques.  It’s not a day to celebrate the beginning of summer.  This day is a day of respect that I all to often fail to see. This country stands for... Read more »

A Transgender Woman and Her Bucket List: I Dream, Too

We all do it.  We all have that list.  You know what list I’m talking about – your bucket list.  What would you do if you were given a time frame when you were gonna die?  What things would you want to accomplish or experience before you slipped the surly bonds of this realm?  Would... Read more »

Please don't Wish me a Happy Mother's Day

Once a year, on a Sunday in May, we stop what we are doing and take one day (though most would agree one day is not enough) to celebrate our moms.  Mother’s day is when we moms want to be pampered and, for our day in and day out, year round hard work, to be... Read more »

I Popped My Cherry

Yes the title is absolutely correct.  I popped my cherry.  I am no longer a virgin.  Over twenty-five years ago I drew a line in the sand that I promised myself I would never cross.   A commitment I have worked hard to keep . . . until now.   The sun was shining.  A cool breeze... Read more »