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Stand Up Comedy; What have I gotten myself into?

Stand Up Comedy; What have I gotten myself into?
Coming this April, I will be doing something that scares me to death and it’s right up there with jumping from a perfectly good airplane.  Facing a charging silver back gorilla wouldn’t be as scary.  Yes, it will be for my fellow family of bloggers, but the idea of standing in front of people with... Read more »

An apology to the first transgender person I ever met (and insulted)

Last but certainly not least!  Christine Whitley, author of Little Kids, Big City, closes out a month of guest posts.   It was a discussion between the two of us that gave me the idea of inviting others to tell their story.  I was moved by Christine’s genuineness.  How could I not give her this opportunity.... Read more »

Escaping from my own Reflection

We live in a culture where, for many, our image, what we see in the mirror each morning, is an important component of our lives.  That reflection can carry tremendous weight on how we feel that day. We think that that reflection tells the people around us who we are.  Escaping that image, that reflection... Read more »

My Embarrassing Over-Love Of the LGBT Community

Jenna Karvunidis, author of High Gloss and Sauce, is a veteran blogger here at Chicago Now.  Her first blog appeared way back in March of 2010 and she has garnered a little media attention along the way with her insightful and outspoken views.  Jenna was one of the bloggers that has welcomed me into the... Read more »

Divorce is Hell and Where is God?

Divorce!  Right now this is the ugliest word in the English language to me.  Every couple that goes through divorce has their own issues and obstacles to over come.  The problems seem to intensify when children are involved.  But to add another layer to the already complicate life event, try being transgender. The issues that... Read more »

Help! There's a man in the ladies room!

Help! There's a man in the ladies room!
From a writer who shares her experiences in the work place who goes by The Working Poor and her blog  Grateful but Miserable at Work, found right here on ChicagoNow, is my second guest blogger for this month.  Her honesty is refreshing and I admire her willingness to come and ask some difficult questions she... Read more »

A friend that fits outside the box.

In my short time here at ChicagoNow, I have had the opportunity to meet some very talented writers.   This month, I have invited a few of them to guest blog for me, to write about their experiences in their words with their feelings.  I want Trans Girl at the Cross not only to be my... Read more »

Having a Reckless Faith; My New Years Resolution

Reckless; to do without caution or thought of consequences.  We often associate the word reckless with something negative or bad behavior.  One of the first phrases that comes to my mind is ‘reckless driving’.  But when did we, as a culture, stop using the word reckless to describe something positive? This last year was an... Read more »