Transgender woman: A lifelong pictorial

For many transgender individuals, their past is something they want to forget.  We call it going stealth.  Once we transition;  we move, change jobs and not let others know who we were before the transition.

For the last couple years, it has been very difficult for me to let others see my past.  Going stealth is what I would have preferred.   But that was not going to be the way things would work out.   For the sake of my kids, I stayed close.  In the difficult economic times in the last few years, quitting my job to search for something new was out of the question.   So I had to go through a very public transition,  letting my customers and associates see and go through the change as well.

So far I have faced my history with words through my blog, but now I feel it is time for me to let down the wall and let people see what I was in the past.  Every event, every person we come into contact with is a brick that we continue to build our lives with.  Even with those painful times we would rather forget, we build a stronger foundation because of them.  We can not remove them and toss them away, for if we do, we loose a part of ourselves and weaken our foundation.  God has taught me that the life he gave me, before and after transition, is a gift not to be forgotten.

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