Women in Binders, Big Bird Gets Fired, the LGBT Community Gets Ignored

I’m going to be painfully honest with you.  I am sick and tired of hearing about the cherry picked issues being publicized from these debates in the mainstream media.  After seeing and hearing countless spins on the last three debates, one thing remains crystal clear, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community has been IGNORED!  Whether it is the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) or the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (EDNA), neither have even been remotely discussed or even hinted at.  The closest statement made in any debate was made by President Obama on Tuesday night when he said “We’ve also got to make sure in every walk of life, we do not tolerate discrimination.  That’s been a hallmark of my administration.”

Last nights debate for example, the questions presented in the town hall style by ‘regular undecided voters’ and were said to be a ‘microcosm’ of American voters, were cherry picked and avoided the LGBT community.  There were hundreds if not thousands of questions, including my own, submitted asking about DOMA and ENDA.  It’s as though the issues facing millions of LGBT voters don’t matter.

In many communities, LGBT individuals are seen as second-class citizens not worthy of protection from unfair employment practices, the denial of marriage rights to same sex couples and to school districts that have been forced to “rethink” the adoption of non-discrimination policies for transgender students.

It is totally legal in 36 states to fire me just for the fact that I am transgender.  When am I going to hear about that on the evening news?

When am I going to hear either Presidential candidate discuss a solution to the discrimination facing an entire community?  As of May of this year, only six states and the District of Columbia permitted same-sex marriage.  SIX STATES! With only a handful of states allowing civil unions.  Four states will be voting next month on marriage-related ballot initiatives. But right now, across this country, thousands of couples are being denied basic rights like spousal support, medical decision-making privileges, hospital visitation rights and access to their partner’s insurance.

When will the lawmakers, the leaders and want-to-be leaders of this country start listening to us?  My own request to sit down with my own United States Representative, Republican Randy Hultgren, has gone unanswered.

In all fairness, the position of each of the Presidential candidates has been stated in the past, yet in my opinion, they have NEVER been discussed in an open forum.

It is doubtful that in the next debate, scheduled for this coming Monday, which is suppose to be focusing on foreign policy, will be the arena for any discussion of LGBT issues.

Big Bird got his time in the sun.  Women in binders is the new catch phrase.  When will the mainstream media and the politicians take the issues facing the LGBT community seriously?

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