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My tale of Surviving Bullying

My tale of Surviving Bullying
Back in June, before I came to ChicagoNow, I wrote a blog called “Living in Fear” for my local  suburban news website.  As I wrote it, I struggled with some of the harsh memories I have of growing up feeling different than everyone around me.  If you talk with nearly every person who is part... Read more »

Praying for a Facebook Page

Pray for a Facebook page? Yes! You read the title correctly. With the advent of social media, our world has gotten a lot smaller.  Our neighbors are no longer just those people living in the two-story split-level with attached garage across the street. It’s the person you play Farmville with every night that lives in... Read more »

Praying for Our Enemies

Before you start leaving nasty comments, I feel compelled to write this and let me say that my heart and prayers go out to the victims and the families, one of which was from right here in Crystal Lake, of the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado.  I pray that they all find the healing for both... Read more »

My Top Ten Experiences; Playing for the other team can have some weird and funny moments.

I was recently having a conversation with a good female friend and we got to talking and laughing about some of my experiences I have had since I transitioned from a very sheltered guy to living full time as a woman who enjoys life.  I got to thinking; why not share some of those experiences... Read more »

The Bible, Being Transgender and Me

This blog I had intended to be all about what the Bible says about being transgender.  As I attempted to write the blog, I actually found very little in the scriptures about it. Into the circular file with the first draft. Then I thought I could discuss examples of gender variance, like eunuchs, found in... Read more »

Being Transgender is not a Choice

I knew from the time I started writing blogs, I would be entering a stage where there would be some controversy.  The idea of being a Christian transgender person will fly in the face of many on both sides; the church and the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender community.  The word Christian can spark heated... Read more »

The Crucible of Transition

Every relationship that we as humans have, whether it is with a schoolmate, family member or coworker, can be compared to raw earth.  When you take what seems like just a lump of rock, it can contain useless, worthless material or possibly rare gems or precious stones and metals.  There will be times that the... Read more »