Commuter Tunes

"Mom,  I've got a song for you...listen to this song."

That is one of the things that I love the most about him.  He shares.  Patrick wants everyone to see and taste and listen to whatever it is he loves.  We both particularly love words and lyrics and songwriters who are brave.  We also like people that sing and surprise you and look like they couldn't make that sound come out of their bodies.

This is going to be our section.  He asked if he could collaborate with me to share music he loves with you.

Who wouldn't allow their 18 year old son to work with them if they asked?  Does this mean I'm cool?  young?  hip?  ...ok, I won't push it.

Add these to your musical device and groove while you ride the train.  It will make people wonder what you're listening to.

Maureen's Music Recommendations

Patrick's Music Recommendations