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So Long, Farewell...

The end of the line of the UP-West line is Elburn.  It’s the last stop on the way out of Chicago, or the first stop on the way in.  It all depends on your perspective.   It is kind of how I am looking at my life right now.  It can either be the last... Read more »

Lilac Time at Lilacia Park in Lombard

On the way back from the city last week, our express train stopped in Lombard.  And just steps from the platform was this banner… My mom noticed it and said she had been to this festival when she was a little girl.  The dates on the banner made me want to hurry back to see... Read more »

Oklahoma at the Lyric Opera

OOOOOOOOOOOOO OK-lahoma, Where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plains… I cannot stop singing the lyrics from this musical. I went yesterday with my mom as a Mother’s Day gift to ourselves.  I like to do things instead of buy things if I can.  The experience to remember is always so much better than dusting something later.... Read more »

Upscale Consignment and Resale in Geneva

Deja Vu is on 4th Street and just a short walk around the block.  Each room of the house is used to neatly display the clothing and housewares.
Are you in the mood for Spring cleaning?  Do you have nice things and don’t want to sell them for a quarter? Or are you in the mood for Spring buying? There are MANY consignment shops and resale shops in Geneva, Illinois. You can take things to sell or buy things for a deal.  One... Read more »

Marion Street Cheese Market for Easter Brunch

Even though Mr. Freezemeister refuses to relinquish his hold on us this winter, Easter is coming! Spring will come!  Won’t it?  The Marion Street Cheese Market is a great place for not only Easter Brunch, but weekend brunch all 52 weekends of the year.  (If you say brunch enough times in a row it starts... Read more »

A Mastodon? In Wheaton?

The weather, the gray skies, sports’ schedules, basically February…It just doesn’t bode well for getting out and about to see and do fun stuff around town.  I decided to change that, but stay close and walk over to Wheaton College for a field trip of my own.  I had heard about a previous Mastodon finding that... Read more »

Wheaton College: From Our House to Yours

Wheaton College is known for, among other things, their great food.  They have had multiple write-ups naming them as best food or top food in college country.  Even The Today Show gave them a shout out.  So helloooo, why haven’t I gone over there to eat yet?  I hopped over to their website and read this…that you... Read more »

It's The Great Exhibit, Charlie Brown!

Now that you have fully recovered from any holiday happenings and you are looking for something fun to do again, The Museum of Science and Industry has a great exhibit for grown ups.  Oh sure, you could take kids, but they won’t love it like you will.  You know how when you force your kids... Read more »

The Do-It-Yourself Messiah at the Harris Theater: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Last night I went to and participated in the Do-It-Yourself Messiah at the Harris Theater.  I do not sing in a choir.  I do not sing in a band.  I do not sing.  But I love to listen to other people sing!  So to be surrounded by people who do sing was therapeutic.  The sound... Read more »

Got Coffee? Intelligentsia in Chicago does!

Eager coffee drinkers after standing outside to get in for the tour.  If you sign up for a tour, try to be right on time and not too early.  They don't open the doors until the minute it starts, so you could stand outside in VERY hot or cold temps.
Have you ever learned a new word and then heard it over and over and over and over soon after?  It has been like that with Intelligentsia Coffee.  I saw it at Eggy’s, and then I saw it at Suzette’s Creperie, and then I saw it on Randolph Street as a store front. So I... Read more »