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Emily Moldy- My Own One

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I love the amazing vocals and instrumentation with this song.  I have had this song on repeat all day. From her website: “Emily Moldy is a neo-folk / soul singer and songstress based out of Oakland, CA. Her songs are a curious combination of pop, folk, R&B, and soul, interwoven with hip-hop beats and catchy... Read more »

Noah Guthrie "Adore"

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Noah Guthrie was brought to my attention by my son, Patrick.  Patrick continues to be my source for soulful guitar music.  Noah is an 18 year old “up and comer” who you will hear more of, I guarantee. He is another YouTube sensation who gets millions of views whenever he releases a new cover.  (A... Read more »

Ben Howard - Keep Your Head Up

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My latest musical find.  This song falls under the category of happy music.  If you need a boost, get out in the sun with this sound playing your ears…actually, this song will pick you up even if you’re inside and can’t get outside. The video is a grown up version of an awesome slip-n-slide, and... Read more »

Collin McLoughlin- Not Over You (Gavin Degraw Cover)

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I have been a fan of this singer songwriter for about a year now.  Everything this man touches turns to gold.  Musically, he can do no wrong.  He recently released an EP on itunes called Stark Perspective which you can buy here: I can’t get enough of the raw acoustic feel that McLoughlin has... Read more »

Acoustic Thursday

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Listen. Sing. Dance around the kitchen. Thanks for the song, PK.

Someone Like You in Boston (Cover of Adele & Augustana) - Cam Nacson

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I am giving the best mom in the world a break from the blog tonight for her birthday and sharing some really good music with you.  Cam Nacson is a very talented singer/songwriter out of Sydney, Australia. This song is a “mashup” between the song Someone Like You by the recently popular artist, Adele and the song... Read more »

Fast Car (Boyce Avenue & Kina Grannis acoustic cover)

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I would like to introduce you to Boyce Avenue.  You can buy their covers, that are perfection by the way, on itunes.  I like some of their versions even better than the originals.  They are performing this weekend in Chicago at the Riviera and we have tickets. Very excited!  Enjoy!!

Missy Higgins - Where I Stood

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So for our first number…and 5,6,7,8 …just kidding we won’t be dancing, just listening…ok maybe dancing around the kitchen counter. Here is a new favorite of mine.  Her name is Missy Higgins.  I love the sound of her voice.  Soulful for a young ‘un.

Florence and the Machine - Cosmic Love (Acoustic)

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I first heard Florence sing about two years ago on kind of an underground radio station. She blew my mind the first word I heard her sing. She has such a powerful, fun-to-listen-to voice. What really interested me at first was the story they told me about the artist after the song was over. Florence... Read more »

John Mayer - Free Fallin' (Live at the Nokia Theatre)

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No words can really sum up the greatness of this song.. ENJOY