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Bring Your Parents to Work Day

Have you ever followed your children to work?  Don’t you think since there is a “Bring Your Daughter and Son to Work Day”  there should be a “Bring Your Parents to Work Day”?  After all, parents got you to where you are today.  All of those back-up alarms, packed lunches, loads of laundry, flashcards…and financial... Read more »

It's The Great Exhibit, Charlie Brown!

Now that you have fully recovered from any holiday happenings and you are looking for something fun to do again, The Museum of Science and Industry has a great exhibit for grown ups.  Oh sure, you could take kids, but they won’t love it like you will.  You know how when you force your kids... Read more »

Need a day out with your little ones? Try the Cosley Zoo

Sometimes less is more. Actually most times, less is more. It seems that when we take a day with family, we are looking for the BIG day out, or the over the top fun, and the dynamic restaurant thrill ride.  But a quiet, easy, peaceful day is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. I don’t... Read more »

From Teacher to Student: A Parent's Transition

The transition is a slow one. It starts with “Can you help me turn on this TV? The screen is blue.” They push a button on the remote, remark about how it was like that for the video game being played last night, and off they go. One day the teacher needs an opinion.  “How... Read more »

I Will Always Write This One in Pen

“I’ll pencil you in.” It is a phrase used for making an appointment. Marking the calendar.  Scheduling a date. My kids are looking out over the edge of the nest.  Standing on the edge. Getting ready to flap their arms. I feel like we are kind of cheating the system because our first is commuting... Read more »

2 Hoots for 2 Toots

2 Hoots for 2 Toots
Calling all kids or kids at heart…come in close so “they” can’t hear.  I have a really great idea for your parents or grandparents to do with you…shhh…I’ll do the talkin’….just stay quiet….and try to look cute. If you have a kiddo who really loves trains or has never been on a train, I have... Read more »

A ship is safe in the harbor, but that isn’t what it was built to do

This is the time of the year when new and different seem to be in order.  Preschoolers crying on their momma’s legs; grade schoolers, high schoolers and college “schoolers” wanting to, but just happen to be too grown up. I have been talking to many parents and reading many Facebook posts about the new adjustments…... Read more »

Dipping my Toe in the Blog Water

As I sit in a new computer chair, in a new office, in a new townhouse, in a new town, I can hear the train. We bought a townhouse in the suburbs.  We bought it for 2 reasons: 1. So that our son can commute easily to Chicago for college and 2. So that our... Read more »