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Eggy's: Was it Worth the Effort?

Recently I needed to know if doughnuts were worth the wait.  This time I needed to know if a particular breakfast was worth the effort. Last Spring, I had heard about a new restaurant named Eggy’s Diner that had just opened in town.  It is just north of Millennium Park so I decided to try and find... Read more »

Free Concerts at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park

I am sure that when you were visiting “The Bean”, officially known as Cloud Gate at Millennium Park, the huge heap of metal in the background caught your eye.  You might have even walked back there to look at it.  You might have even walked around it.  But did you make a point of coming... Read more »

Tour the Chicago River and Lake Michigan on a Wendella Boat

Have you ever been on Michigan Avenue and looked over the railing down into the Chicago River and contemplated taking a boat tour?  Out of town tourists do it, why don’t you?  The Wendella Boat Tour is a spectacular view of the city from the “inside”.  While you’re outside… I have done this tour before,... Read more »

Next Stop: Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Do you ever do something just to figure out how to do it?  You can take your car in for an oil change, but do you ever change it just because you want to know how?  You could call a plumber, but have you ever replaced your faucet, just to say you did it?  How... Read more »

They're Ba-ack! ...French and Farmer's Markets Along the UP-West Line

Yesterday Tom Skilling reported on Garry Meier’s WGN afternoon radio show that the last 6 months have been sunnier and warmer than normal.  I can’t remember the detailed stats Tom rattled off, but it has been YEARS since we have had this nice of a spring season.  (Spring in Illinois usually lasts an hour and... Read more »

Marcel's for Mother's Day

Marcel’s Culinary Experience is a GREAT store.  It is a candy store for cooks.  I stumbled upon it a few months ago while shopping in Glen Ellyn.  It is just a short walk from the Metra train.  (Less-than-a-block short.)  I love all of the gadgets and kitchen items they sell, but what I was most... Read more »

From Teacher to Student: A Parent's Transition

The transition is a slow one. It starts with “Can you help me turn on this TV? The screen is blue.” They push a button on the remote, remark about how it was like that for the video game being played last night, and off they go. One day the teacher needs an opinion.  “How... Read more »

Chicago's Finest River Walk Tour...inside

My husband is my chief researcher.  (Read: Groupon shopper)  He came across this tour the other day and we decided it would be a good one.  Even though it was raining we were still able to do it because, in the winter, the tour is not given on the Chicago River, but under the city... Read more »

Tour the Chicago Theater

Just a short walk a few blocks east of the Ogilvie Metra Station is the theater district. Our destination yesterday was The Chicago Theater.    We were going to see Straight No Chaser, so we planned ahead to do a tour of the theater earlier in the day.  The tour lasts over an hour and visitors get... Read more »

Thank You, Maggie

Timing.  Timing is everything.  I had been saving the following blog for when the weather got colder since it describes an inside tour.  I thought it would be a good thing for people to do when it was just too bitter to be out in the wind.  And then Maggie Daley died.  I knew immediately what I... Read more »