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Oklahoma at the Lyric Opera

OOOOOOOOOOOOO OK-lahoma, Where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plains… I cannot stop singing the lyrics from this musical. I went yesterday with my mom as a Mother’s Day gift to ourselves.  I like to do things instead of buy things if I can.  The experience to remember is always so much better than dusting something later.... Read more »

Topher Jones & Amada Feat. Ido Vs. The World - Hello Chicago (Official Video)

Thumbnail image for 'Topher Jones & Amada Feat. Ido Vs. The World - Hello Chicago (Official Video)'
Hello Chicago!  Here is a terrific video of some favorite Chicago locales.  Hopefully you don’t get motion sickness easily! Or if you haven’t been here in a while and you are homesick for your hometown, here is a quick snapshot for you to remember why you loved it so much. Or lastly, maybe you are just... Read more »

It's The Great Exhibit, Charlie Brown!

Now that you have fully recovered from any holiday happenings and you are looking for something fun to do again, The Museum of Science and Industry has a great exhibit for grown ups.  Oh sure, you could take kids, but they won’t love it like you will.  You know how when you force your kids... Read more »

The Do-It-Yourself Messiah at the Harris Theater: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Last night I went to and participated in the Do-It-Yourself Messiah at the Harris Theater.  I do not sing in a choir.  I do not sing in a band.  I do not sing.  But I love to listen to other people sing!  So to be surrounded by people who do sing was therapeutic.  The sound... Read more »

Got Coffee? Intelligentsia in Chicago does!

Eager coffee drinkers after standing outside to get in for the tour.  If you sign up for a tour, try to be right on time and not too early.  They don't open the doors until the minute it starts, so you could stand outside in VERY hot or cold temps.
Have you ever learned a new word and then heard it over and over and over and over soon after?  It has been like that with Intelligentsia Coffee.  I saw it at Eggy’s, and then I saw it at Suzette’s Creperie, and then I saw it on Randolph Street as a store front. So I... Read more »

The Christkindlmarket in Daley Plaza

The Christkindlmarket, or German Holiday Market, has been in Chicago for the past 13 Christmas seasons. The market officially opens following the Annual Tree Lighting in Daley Plaza. The name “Christkindlmarket” originates from the mythical tale of the “Christkind“.   She is a fairy-like being, dressed in a gold and white robe with a crown.  The tradition... Read more »

The Historic Chicago Tribune

As a blogger for ChicagoNow, which is hosted by the Chicago Tribune, it is always a real treat for me when we get to go to the historic Tribune Tower for a meeting or a seminar.   A beautiful Sunday morning with a bright blue sky was the perfect day to take a few pictures... Read more »

Take a Chance at Free Train Rides!

From today until Wednesday, November 12-14, at many of the train stations in the city,  Allstate is having a little fun while educating the masses.  Stop by and take a chance to win a monthly pass, a 10-ride or the Grand Prize…drum roll please….A Whole Year of Rides!  And even if you are not a... Read more »

Next Stop, Syracuse!

Today I have a guest contributor, Diane Sprole, who recently took an overnight train to Syracuse, NY.  I asked her if she would share it with you.  As you may know by now, I love when people try new stuff, so “Congrats Diane”, you did it!   With a little uneasiness and the feeling of... Read more »

When I Am Old, I Will Eat at The Purple Pig

The book, When I am Old, I Shall Wear Purple, came to mind when planning a birthday lunch with a friend.  The poem that inspired this anthology encourages you to say “Who cares? Just do it”.  It’s always good to have a friend who will go to lunch at the drop of a hat. You... Read more »