Trainspotting.  I like the sound of it. The name popped into my head while planning my short train trips to find fun things to do and eat along this stretch of the UP-W Metra tracks.

This title is also a title of a movie from 1996 about some crazy heroin addicts in Edinburgh as they pass through life.  "The title of the film refers to the hobby of sitting and watching trains pass by and is used as a metaphor for 'wasting time'." (Wikipedia)  or trainspotter (British English)  "a person interested in a recreational capacity in rail transport." (Wikipedia) ...I know, I know, every teacher in the world says not to cite Wikipedia, but I personally find it pretty informative. If you find something I say from there that is not true, then you can let me know.

So this is my version of wasting time by watching trains pass by ...from the inside of the train in my own version of "recreational capacity".

Trainspotting on the Union Pacific -West line.