Upscale Consignment and Resale in Geneva

Are you in the mood for Spring cleaning?  Do you have nice things and don’t want to sell them for a quarter? Or are you in the mood for Spring buying? There are MANY consignment shops and resale shops in Geneva, Illinois. You can take things to sell or buy things for a deal.  One of the first I had to hit was an upscale consignment shop called Jane Pabon.  It is full of high-end name brands.  These are the kind of items that are of value, but don’t get worn or used a lot.  They might be statement pieces, evening gowns and prom dresses or even purses (when they are really expensive you call them handbags) that people don’t want to give away for nothing.


Jane Pabon carries all the brands you have heard of but are too sensible to buy first hand.  Louis Vuitton, Prada, Armani, Gucci, Coach, Ralph Lauren, etc.


They have many types of jewelry and estate pieces.  They are helpful and can show you how to complete an outfit like nobody’s business.


I was super tempted to get this jacket…not just any jacket, but an Armani jacket from an Italian collezioni (collection for you non-Italian speakers…I know, I know…Captain Obvious)


And of course, like I said before, they have handbags.  Oh sure, they might not be the latest fashion, but if you prefer to keep your money on the inside of your purse instead of on the outside, second hand is for you.


Some items are in locked cases, like the Tiffany jewelry and Louis Vuitton bags, (when they are REALLY expensive ya just call ’em bags) but others are out on racks so you can try them on… like this chic trench.


So if you enjoy the hunt, or if you want to make some cash for your gently used valuables, check out Jane Pabon.  But if you want to explore all of the resale shops in Geneva, flip through the gallery below for some ideas.  Now go clean out your closet!

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