Oklahoma at the Lyric Opera

OOOOOOOOOOOOO OK-lahoma, Where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plains…

I cannot stop singing the lyrics from this musical.


I went yesterday with my mom as a Mother’s Day gift to ourselves.  I like to do things instead of buy things if I can.  The experience to remember is always so much better than dusting something later.  Last year as you might remember we went to a cooking class at Marcel’s in Glen Ellyn.


We are not new to the Lyric.  We have had 2 years of season tickets a few years ago and tried to culture ourselves.  I always felt like a narcoleptic while I was there though.  (Narcolepsy :  A disorder characterized by sudden and uncontrollable, though often brief, attacks of deep sleep.) Yep. I could NOT stay awake.  I am not sure if it was the red velvety cushioned chairs, the unbelievably gorgeous voices, the true darkness, the fact that I stay up too late with my teenagers then wake up early with the dog, or the subtitles I was forced to read since I don’t know Italian.  But I was told I have seen some fabulous operas.


It really is a great experience to go to the afternoon matinee (if you’ve had a good night sleep ahead of time or a morning nap or a double espresso or if you are feeling a little middle aged) because you feel reeeeeeeeally young when you are there.  We have gone at night too which draws a younger fancier crowd, but during the day…I was really feeling good about myself.  Although I was one of the youngest there, I was still the one sleeping in the chair.  


But even though I was one of the youngest, I wasn’t the only hipster with a smart phone.


EVERYONE has a phone out.  It is kind of hilarious if you just look around at any large venue these days.  EVERYONE is shouting out to the world where they are, who they are with, checking their messages, or asking their friends for their recommendations for the neatest apps, showing off their font settings tricks or their photos.

Nonetheless, it really is such a gorgeous venue.  It is simplistic and elaborate all at once.  No giant murals like in other theaters, but acoustically perfect.


The Civic Opera House was opened on November 4, 1929, six days after the stock market crash and is still a magnificent building on the Chicago River. On this sunny Wednesday afternoon, we were just a block from Ogilvy Transport Station. It is so convenient and such an easy walk and it couldn’t have been nicer out.


Much to my surprise this time, I wasn’t one of the youngest.  This little Abby was able to come to the musical with her dad on an afternoon date.  How’s this for darling?  She had just finished up a run of Oklahoma! at a local production in Highland Park and was now here to see the professionals at work.


It really is a whole other level of talent.  I am sure many of you have seen high school musicals of Oklahoma.  Or you may have even been IN a production of Oklahoma.  It has been running since the 40’s, so as one of the longest running musicals, this Lyric cast was like watching the Cubs after watching high school baseball….no that’s not a good analogy.  It’s like watching the Bulls last night after watching high school basketball….no that won’t work either…It’s like watching the BLACKHAWKS!  The cast of this musical is like watching the Blackhawks after watching pee wee hockey!  The voices were amazing.  And if, like me, you have been IN Oklahoma before, you may even know all of the words.  (No, I did not sing along and Abby was very quiet too.)

The other great thing about the Lyric, is they are not neurotic about stopping you from bringing in a treat for intermission.  We bought these at the train station in the French Market before we came over.  Also amazing.


And …I stayed awake. (Even for the dream sequence)

Oklahoma is not here for very long.  Just 1 more week!  Hurry if you want to get tickets.  They are not cheap, but have you tried to price Bulls tickets or Blackhawks tickets….or for that matter a beer at the Cubs game lately?

This is truly a musical lovers’ must see.

♫    And when we say Yeeow!

Ayipioeeay!   We’re only sayin’….You’re doin’ fine, Oklahoma!…..Oklahoma O – K –  L – A – H – O – M – A

OKLAHO……MA!   Yeeow! ♫

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.  ♥


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