Bring Your Parents to Work Day

Have you ever followed your children to work?  Don’t you think since there is a “Bring Your Daughter and Son to Work Day”  there should be a “Bring Your Parents to Work Day”?  After all, parents got you to where you are today.  All of those back-up alarms, packed lunches, loads of laundry, flashcards…and financial aid.

What a proud day in the workplace this would be!  And your parents probably wouldn’t even have to sit under the desk with your iPad to keep quiet.

After reading the blog,  Still Mrs. Sprole, about a day she spent with her grown son at his Upstate New York veterinarian practice, I thought about this.  She rode with him from dairy farm to dairy farm.  She was able to see what he REALLY does everyday.  After supporting him in school and watching him go off hundreds of miles away to start his life, her little boy who she woke for school and asked if he had everything everyday when he walked out the door, is a full fledged grown up professional.  I know her buttons were bursting.

Do parents ever just take the day and follow their grown children around?  All day?  Starting with the kids off to school, commute to work, meetings, lunch, more meetings, a long drive home, schlepping kids around, and then dinner?  Would it make them tired?  Would it bring back old memories?  Would it make parents love or appreciate their kids even more.  And then the next time when they get together at their coffee shop or book club or their work place, would they tell all their friends all about it?

I googled “Take Your Parents to Work Day”  and wouldn’t ya know it, Google (the company)  tried this earlier this year. (Well of course they did, they are Google for God’s sake.)  But otherwise, from what I can tell, this is a relatively untapped idea.

The traditional “Bring Your Daughter and Sons to Work Day” is on April 25 this year.  You probably already spend enough time with your kids.  This year ask your parents first.  Kind of like when there was Parent’s Day at school and they would sit by your desk and ooh and aah over your coloring, only now you might be coloring inside the lines. (If inside the lines is your thing.)

I’m giving you enough time to invite your parents.  And if you are reading this and your grown kid isn’t, what are you waiting for?  Invite yourself! I’ve given you plenty of time.


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