Wheaton College: From Our House to Yours

Wheaton College is known for, among other things, their great food.  They have had multiple write-ups naming them as best food or top food in college country.  Even The Today Show gave them a shout out.  So helloooo, why haven’t I gone over there to eat yet?  I hopped over to their website and read this…that you can have food prepared by the campus chef and take it home for your family.  It is called From Our House To Yours.  Or as the cool kids say, FOHTY.  Not to be confused with FITY cent.  (Everything has to have acronyms now. LOL.)

Again trying something new is so fun.  The old feeling of butterflies while walking into a college building, trying to look like you know what you are doing and where you are going, only this time you are the old geezer that you know you are.  The kids are so nice and hold the door and take my arm to help me in…just kidding. (not about the nice part and the holding the door though) I did find my way thanks to all of the other people my age trying to make dinner time easier.  They were easy to spot.  They were the ones carrying the bags of food.

Todd Beamer

This was one of the beautiful sights I saw as I went in though.  The food is picked up in the Todd M. Beamer Student Center.  This building was named after one of the heroes from September 11th.  They like to think of it as the college “Family Room” on campus.  A place to hang out.

Everyone had a laptop, an iPad, or a smart phone in their hand.  I have found my people and my planet.  I must stay.  I must live here.

566988_4570491093251_1743468666_o (1)

For that reason …and the muffins.


Wheaton College really does have the freshest looking food.  I didn’t eat any this trip because I was buying dinner, remember?  But I WILL be back.

711271_4570490093226_1036758779_o (1)

I don’t remember so many fresh options when I was in school. But it could have been that I wasn’t looking through my closed eyelids, while I was napping in my dorm room.  Ben and Jerry’s gyros just had more appeal at that time.


And these are the young folks responsible for the grub.  Don’t ya just love kids who work?  And they look so happy about it.  No complaining here.  No whining.  Albeit, I wasn’t in their dorm with them while getting ready to leave for work and for all I know these are full fledged adults that don’t live in a dorm at all.  I can never tell anymore.

From Our House to Yours

So here is what was in the bag.  You get choices each week.  The menu ranges from Chicken Parmesan, Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes, Lasagna, etc. You can decide to order or not by Tuesday for a Wednesday evening pick-up.


The food is ready to heat, so all you have to do is turn on your oven.  Easy right?  The meal has a hot “like mom makes” entree and a salad and dessert.


Another nice thing is that this week a note went out about a cake-pop bouquet for Valentine’s Day.  Yummier than flowers and so unique.  The whole family will enjoy those!

If you are in the Wheaton area and want family dinner provided once a week, place your order!  The total is $24.25 plus tax.   Send an email to from.our.house.to.yours@wheaton.edu  and they will add you to their list.  No obligation.  You will just get an email informing you of what is on the menu this week.  You get to decide whether to order or not.


That would be Got to go!  Have a Nice Day!  Order From Our House To Yours!


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