Take a Chance at Free Train Rides!

From today until Wednesday, November 12-14, at many of the train stations in the city,  Allstate is having a little fun while educating the masses.  Stop by and take a chance to win a monthly pass, a 10-ride or the Grand Prize…drum roll please….A Whole Year of Rides!  And even if you are not a train rider, check out their website for the Drivewise program.  The want to save you money on your insurance.

Allstate, the good hands people, will educate Chicagoland’s train commuters about the benefits of Drivewise from November 12-14 at select train stations including Central Street/Evanston, Highland Park, Cary, Jefferson Park, Mount Prospect, Park Ridge, Ogilvie, and Union Station.

The Drivewise program saves customers 10 percent off their premiums just for enrolling and has the potential to save up to 30 percent at renewal. Combined with additional safe driver savings from the brand, Allstate customers could earn up to 60 percent savings at renewal.

Chicagoland train riders who are interested in the Drivewise program will also have the opportunity to be an instant winner of a monthly or 10-ride train pass and are automatically entered into the grand prize raffle to win free train rides for a year.

• How can I win train rides for a year?
1. Visit one of the stations above and find the Allstate tent.
2. Receive a free coffee thermos along with a commuter info form and a scratch off card to redeem for an instant prize (10-ride train pass or monthly pass).
3. Fill out the commuter info form while en route to Ogilvie.
4. Drop the form off at the Ogilvie Allstate tent for a chance to win 1 of 10 free train rides for a year.
5. At Union, commuters will do all of these steps in one place.

• What is Drivewise?

  • Drivewise from Allstate aims to reward safe drivers by using a small device that plugs in under the car’s dashboard to monitor driving behaviors. The device will transmit driving data to the customer’s Drivewise online profile. Customers can check their online profile atwww.allstatedrivewise.com and view how many miles they drive, how often they drive at high speeds, what times of day they drive and how often they brake hard and can tailor their driving habits in order to get the biggest savings.
  •  Drivewise participants may earn discounts by…
  1. -Signing up (instant 10 percent discount)
  2. -Driving 35-40 miles per day or less
  3. -Avoiding high speeds
  4. -Avoiding driving from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. on weekdays – or 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. on weekends
  5. -Avoiding hard stops by maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle ahead


I gain nothing from this, just trying to help you peeps out!

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