Have You Been to The Bank?

Did you get to the post office?

Did you pay the water bill?

Did you buy the dog food?

To-do lists and running errands are just a part of our daily lives.  Sometimes getting through the week is just a blur.  But on the weekend nothing is nicer than to slow down, relax, and have someone else cook for you.  After a string of very hectic weeks, my husband and I really needed a date night, and with the fall weather in full swing we really wanted to sit outside.   No freezing cold air-conditioning, no sticky humidity, and with such a hot dry summer, no bugs.


The Bank on Front St. in Wheaton was our destination.  Sidewalk seating at most restaurants is at a premium, but we were able to actually have balcony seating with a view of the downtown Wheaton fountain and the occasional Metra train chugging by.  The sound of the train never bothers me because it is such a good energy going by.  It is the sound of adventure…of people going places.


The menu at The Bank focuses on local cuisine.  All of the seafood, meats, and cheeses are raised  or produced in Illinois, Indiana, or Wisconsin and all of the food is sustainable and socially responsible.  On the back of the menu is a list of all of the farms from which they purchase.


What I quickly noticed is the menu is not your normal cookie cutter menu.  It doesn’t have the same appetizers, entree’s and typical choices as many restaurants these days.  We were also pleasantly surprised at the prices.  There was no shock when we scanned the menu.

We also really appreciated that they were in no hurry to get us to order and get us out.  The chef, Patrick Cassata, spent plenty of time with us discussing micro brews, the menu, and the restaurant in general.


And it wasn’t just for us, he roamed the restaurant open to any questions anyone had.  He was very accessible.  Not bad for a local celebrity.  He was recently a contestant on Hell’s Kitchen on Fox.

After trying the delicious local artisan cheeses paired with wine sauces, and finishing off fried chicken and a ribeye, we couldn’t leave without listening to a little live music inside alongside the large wooden bar.  (And just a head’s up, if you haven’t seen Gavin Coyle you should; he will be there this Saturday night, September 22.)  The entertainment schedule is easily found on their website.


So when checking off your list this week, make sure to answer this question…Did you get to The Bank? with a .  It is just a short walk from the Wheaton Metra Station.


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