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Emily Moldy- My Own One

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I love the amazing vocals and instrumentation with this song.  I have had this song on repeat all day. From her website: “Emily Moldy is a neo-folk / soul singer and songstress based out of Oakland, CA. Her songs are a curious combination of pop, folk, R&B, and soul, interwoven with hip-hop beats and catchy... Read more »

On Track at the Ryder Cup

On Track at the Ryder Cup
Although this blog is typically written to help you find things to do along the UP-West Metra line from Chicago through the western suburbs, when something as rare as the Ryder Cup comes to town, I have to leave the tracks. The Ryder Cup is an event that is bi-annual and rotated between a European... Read more »

Noah Guthrie "Adore"

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Noah Guthrie was brought to my attention by my son, Patrick.  Patrick continues to be my source for soulful guitar music.  Noah is an 18 year old “up and comer” who you will hear more of, I guarantee. He is another YouTube sensation who gets millions of views whenever he releases a new cover.  (A... Read more »

Have You Been to The Bank?

Did you get to the post office? Did you pay the water bill? Did you buy the dog food? To-do lists and running errands are just a part of our daily lives.  Sometimes getting through the week is just a blur.  But on the weekend nothing is nicer than to slow down, relax, and have... Read more »

Oak Park: Part 2

Last week I sang the praises for the interior tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright home and studio.  If you are cheap frugal like me, you will also take advantage of the walking tour that goes with it.   There is a combo pricing option. After Frank built his own home, he was hired multiple times... Read more »

Christina Perri - A Thousand Years

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If you are a Twilight fan, you have until November to wait for the movie Breaking Dawn: Part 2, but if you are a Christina Perri fan no waiting needed.  She has a really smooth voice and is opening for Jason Mraz this weekend at the First Midwest Bank Amphitheater in Tinley. If you like acoustic music... Read more »

Next Stop: Oak Park

I love the announcer’s distinctive voice on the train.  “Next Stop: Elmhurst”, or “Next Stop:  Glen Ellyn”.  It has the perfect pauses and articulation.  So in my mind, whenever I imagine or plan the next trip, that familiar voice enters.   “Next Stop, Oak Park”.  There are so many things I have been planning to do in... Read more »

Eggy's: Was it Worth the Effort?

Recently I needed to know if doughnuts were worth the wait.  This time I needed to know if a particular breakfast was worth the effort. Last Spring, I had heard about a new restaurant named Eggy’s Diner that had just opened in town.  It is just north of Millennium Park so I decided to try and find... Read more »