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Congratulations Graduate! Rock on with your Bad Self ♫

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These lyrics by Brendan James speak volumes about throwing caution to the wind and taking that leap.  If I could sing a commencement address, this is what I would sing to you.  Find your passion.  Do the brave thing.  Take the road less traveled.   Good luck, young’uns.   Go get ’em. Leave your worries,... Read more »

They're Ba-ack! ...French and Farmer's Markets Along the UP-West Line

Yesterday Tom Skilling reported on Garry Meier’s WGN afternoon radio show that the last 6 months have been sunnier and warmer than normal.  I can’t remember the detailed stats Tom rattled off, but it has been YEARS since we have had this nice of a spring season.  (Spring in Illinois usually lasts an hour and... Read more »

Marcel's for Mother's Day

Marcel’s Culinary Experience is a GREAT store.  It is a candy store for cooks.  I stumbled upon it a few months ago while shopping in Glen Ellyn.  It is just a short walk from the Metra train.  (Less-than-a-block short.)  I love all of the gadgets and kitchen items they sell, but what I was most... Read more »

Payphone ~ Collin McLoughlin

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When is the last time you saw a pay phone?  Try to find one.  I dare you. One of the latest hits from Maroon 5 is great as it is, but Collin McLoughlin covers, remakes, changes-up it up to make it his own unique work.  His smooth silky voice is what makes his versions so easy to listen to.... Read more »

It's Spring! Get Moving on the Illinois Prairie Path

It's Spring! Get Moving on the Illinois Prairie Path
I live as close to the train station as I live to the Illinois Prairie Path.  I feel very fortunate to have both.  The path is a nicely maintained slice of nature through the busy western suburbs.  It is a shortcut to downtown Wheaton for me, but it is really so much more. The 61 mile... Read more »