From Teacher to Student: A Parent's Transition

The transition is a slow one.

It starts with “Can you help me turn on this TV? The screen is blue.”

They push a button on the remote, remark about how it was like that for the video game being played last night, and off they go.

One day the teacher needs an opinion.  “How do I look?”  Your student will be kind, but you can read it on their face. “Ok, I’ll go change.”

And then nonchalantly another day, the teacher says, “If I were going to “actually” buy an iPod of my own, which one would I buy if I wanted to “actually” start running?”  The student resists the left eye twitch and the Elvis lip and “actually” gives you an opinion closely resembling Consumer Reports.

When asking about trying to control my privacy setting online, or the new ins and outs of Instagram, they just say, “Scoot over.”

Didn’t I used to say scoot over?  How did this happen?  How did I stop being the knower of all things?  I am still hip, young, cool, aren’t I?  I still know things…I am worthy…I am worthy…am I not still the teacher?

When your kids were little, they could ask you any question and you were just about as smart as Einstein, able to answer tall questions with a single bound…faster than a speeding bullet.  We hardly even had to pause.  We just knew things.  As they grew up, the questions got tougher, but the answers still came pretty easily.  And we could fix stuff by just a flip of a switch or a new battery and they would look up and grin, “That’s all it was?”

We were the ones that played them great music.  We were the ones to read quotes out of magazines.  We were the ones to rent amazing movies and make THEM sit to watch with us.  We were the ones to introduce them to cool restaurants.

This week my son took me to Pastoral Artisan Cheese, Bread and Wine on Lake St.  He said the atmosphere was amazing.  And quaint.  Only 2 tables so hopefully we would get one.  He said the cheeses are amazing and they let you sample.  He said they have gourmet soft drinks like a spicy ginger ale.  He said the bottles of wine are so cool because of the artistic labels and there are sooo many craft beers.  He said the place was cool.  He said I would love it.  He was right.

When did this happen?  How did this happen?  Where am I?

Last week he was singing the praises of the Nordstrom’s Concierge.  He said you can actually have them make restaurant reservations for you.  Ahem…I knew that.  Ok, so I never thought of it.  How did he get to go to Bill and Giuliana’s new restaurant RPM Italian before I did?  And then he had to rub it in and tell me about the experience.  And the lemon aioli…

So here is the good news. I’ve still got it.  I went back to Ogilvie to catch the train back when he went to class and saw that in the French Market there is another location for Pastoral.  I was gloating.  I immediately texted my new teacher and said, “Guess what?  There is another Pastoral in the train station!”    Yep.  Still got it.

So the corner has been rounded, the page has been turned, the gauntlet has been thrown down.  I have got to be on my game from now on.   I am still hip, young, and cool.  Right?  But just in case, I should probably start practicing the phrase…”That’s all it was?”

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