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Thank You, Maggie

Timing.  Timing is everything.  I had been saving the following blog for when the weather got colder since it describes an inside tour.  I thought it would be a good thing for people to do when it was just too bitter to be out in the wind.  And then Maggie Daley died.  I knew immediately what I... Read more »

Collin McLoughlin- Not Over You (Gavin Degraw Cover)

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I have been a fan of this singer songwriter for about a year now.  Everything this man touches turns to gold.  Musically, he can do no wrong.  He recently released an EP on itunes called Stark Perspective which you can buy here: I can’t get enough of the raw acoustic feel that McLoughlin has... Read more »

Plan Ahead: Shop "Small Business Saturday" in a Local Downtown

Saturday, after all of the crazy Black Friday shopping is over, there is a call to arms to head downtown.  (Not “The Downtown” as in the o.b.v.i.o.u.s.l.y. cool phrase for downtown Chicago to make it sound like it is the only downtown you know.)  Not THAT downtown, but head to your local Main-Street-USA downtown and... Read more »

Gotta Love a Good Mash Up

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This song was on Glee the other night, but it will rock your headphones today.   And yes, if you are keeping score, this is Trainspotting’s second Someone Like You mash up.

Won't You Be...My Neighbor

Won’t you please, Won’t you please… Please won’t you be, my neighbor. In the Chicago Tribune last weekend, there was an article about the attraction of retirees to live in a college town.  This is a secret that we have recently been privy to.  We chose Wheaton for easy Metra access for an inbound commute to Chicago for our... Read more »

Acoustic Thursday

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Listen. Sing. Dance around the kitchen. Thanks for the song, PK.

Death by Cocoa Bean

If you’ve gotta go, I can’t think of a more pleasant way.  I decided to “take one for the team” and register for a dessert class.  The Cocoa Bean in Geneva was referred to me by my friend, Julie, who reveres their cakes.  Each year on her birthday her sister gives her a whole cake to enjoy... Read more »

Just Put Your Shoes On

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On my train ride yesterday, this song was playing in my head.  It is a song that Point Five,  my sister’s band, covers.  See The World is from Gomez.  The video reminds me of one of my favorite things to say…Just put your shoes on.  It really applies to almost everything you choose to do or choose... Read more »