Bike the Lake

My train trip today took me back to Chicago.  It is like a magnetic force.  I can’t stay away on a gorgeous day.  After walking through Millenium Park (on the day that it was all mine), I saw the McDonald’s Cycle Center.  The center rents so many bikes and I made a note-to-self to come back to do it.  For $30 I was able to rent a bike and ride the beautiful lakefront. I met a friend and we hit the pavement.

This is the first thing I saw when I crossed Lake Shore Drive.

I only had two hours to ride since motherhood was calling my name after school.  We headed north to Navy Pier and then past Oak Street Beach and Belmont Harbor.  I desperately needed to stop for a bottle of water.  When I was buying the water I asked (pointing to an old structure near the lake), “Hey, what is that over there?”  And he said, “Restrooms.”  I said, ” That huge old building is just restrooms??”  He said…”Yep.”

So we had to venture over to see the fanciest restrooms with the best view in the city.

We were so surprised to come upon this.

Ok, so they weren’t restrooms.  It was a golf course!  It is called the Sydney R. Marovitz Park District Course.

The Clubhouse/Clock Tower was so neat and very old.

The stone walls look Scottish and the view is spectacular.

(Although in Scotland they didn’t use mortar and the walls are still standing hundreds of years later.)

This is an original rendering of the clock tower.

That’s “constructed in 1931″.

We got all wrapped up in this unexpected find when we realized we had to be back to return the bike and book it to the train station so we rode like the wind, …oh wait, I meant we rode against the wind all the way back until our legs were burning.  We made it back with time to spare so I could take more pictures of, you guessed it, …FOOD!!

These food trucks must be a new addition to Randolph St.  I don’t ever remember seeing these before.  I have seen really great ones in Portland, but never here.

(As you might notice, it has a new ad for the TV show “The Chew” on the side.)

And with 20 minutes to spare, I was so so so tempted to stop in and visit Patrick during his first week of school, just like when he went to preschool.  I had to resist running into the Sun Times Building and standing outside the classroom and waving through the window.

…how embarrassing would that be??

Hi Honey!! Mommy came to visit!! It makes me laugh just to imagine it.

So I stayed this far away.  No chance of embarrassment from here, right?

That building right next door is the Merchandise Mart.  It was at this very moment I decided I am glad I am not a window washer.

I was also early enough to try out a different food shop in the train station named LavAzza.

Pretty, huh?

I went with the giant chocolate chip cookie and an iced coffee.

It was the least I could do after that grueling 12 minute, I mean, 12 mile ride.   Another fun day on the UP-W line!

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