Part II...

Chicago is a much different place on a sunny Monday morning.  That is the time to do your sight seeing.  Traffic was light for crossing streets and I felt like I could snap away with my camera as much as I wanted.  The 9-10 block walk between Ogilivie and Millennium Park is mostly theaters, restaurants, and some shopping, ie. Macy’s, Zara, Puma and some parking garages.  Millennium Park without crowds is like a quiet haven in the middle of the city.

Cloud Gate or “The Bean” is not the only part of the park.

The Pritzker Pavilion and Great Lawn are so different when empty.

And the planters and urns are filled to the brim with color.  Can you believe this?? NO people…downtown…in the city…in the middle of Millennium Park?

The Fall has got to be one of the best times to appreciate all of the plants.  Everything is so full and the heat has finally backed off from the daily lashing so they look so happy.

I need to go back in the Spring during the planting days…can you imagine the team it takes to decorate this city?

I think if I happened to be homeless, I would pick this room in the park too.  Can’t say that all things are perfect, but it is always a reminder to count your blessings.

After I explored for a while, I was lucky enough to meet two friends.  One I have known for over 10 years and one I have known for over 25 years!  This is Debbie with Marilyn (not my other friend…her name is Kelly) .  Debbie just watched the movie Contagion…She didn’t really want to touch the feet or legs of Ms. Monroe.  They need a good scrub brush after these few short weeks of being out here.

We walked along the Chicago River, met Kelly (friend #2) for lunch and even took a water taxi. It goes from Michigan Avenue, to the Sears (Willis) Tower, Chinatown and back. Great sights and cheap fun for $6 for an all day pass.   Yes…I just said $6. If you really want a shocker…$2 for each leg of the ride if you just want to do a quick ride for fun.

You can get out and browse around Chinatown.  We opted for next time because of the train schedule.

The views are spectacular.

I haven’t seen the city from this vantage point before.  We took the River Taxi, but the Shoreline Water taxi runs from Willis Tower, to  Michigan Avenue to Navy Pier, and the Shedd Aquarium (museum campus). For researching the taxis on your own, here is the link.

So as you can see we crammed a lot into a few short hours and a 10 block rectangle.   So many more plans now for the future though…

If you didn’t get to Chicago this summer, go now.  The fall is the perfect time. Not too hot, not too cold, but still absolutely gorgeous.  And I recommend a weekday morning.  I think you feel a cough coming on, right?

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