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A ship is safe in the harbor, but that isn’t what it was built to do

This is the time of the year when new and different seem to be in order.  Preschoolers crying on their momma’s legs; grade schoolers, high schoolers and college “schoolers” wanting to, but just happen to be too grown up. I have been talking to many parents and reading many Facebook posts about the new adjustments…... Read more »

The Living Proof

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I have always been a big fan of Mary J. Blige.  Big, I’m telling you. HUGE.  Just ask my kids, they know I call her Mary J. like I’m her friend.  She has so many great  songs and I ♥ her version of  ~One Love~ with Bono.  She has a remarkable voice, but the lyrics are... Read more »

The Little Traveler

I remember my mom taking me to the Little Traveler in Geneva in the 70′s when I was young.  And she remembers her mom taking her to the Little Traveler in the 50′s when she was young.  She described how they would get dressed up and go for tiny sandwiches and tea in the Atrium... Read more »

Brett Dennen - Ain't No Reason

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Hi, I’m Patrick, and music does a lot for me.  I can’t get enough of it.  If I have any free time that I’m not at the golf course I spend it searching for great new music.  I hope you enjoy this portion of the blog! This song shows that beauty is in the eye... Read more »

A Trip to Paris

I love the internet.  I love that I can find any answer to any question at any time.  If I can’t find the answer, I am not asking the right question. Although I love the internet, I am not a gamer. I don’t play any internet games at all. No Angry Birds, no Solitaire, no... Read more »

Doggie Mama

Doggie Mama
Those who knew me when, KNOW I did not like dogs. Past tense.     I did not want dogs to touch me, sniff me, slobber on me, get hair on me, annoy me, sit on my feet, try to get my attention, or win over my affection. Period. They were annoying. And they always... Read more »

Dipping my Toe in the Blog Water

As I sit in a new computer chair, in a new office, in a new townhouse, in a new town, I can hear the train. We bought a townhouse in the suburbs.  We bought it for 2 reasons: 1. So that our son can commute easily to Chicago for college and 2. So that our... Read more »