Dipping my Toe in the Blog Water

As I sit in a new computer chair, in a new office, in a new townhouse, in a new town, I can hear the train.

We bought a townhouse in the suburbs.  We bought it for 2 reasons:

1. So that our son can commute easily to Chicago for college

and 2. So that our daughter doesn’t have to drive an hour and 10 minutes to high school.

We didn’t want our son to live in the city alone and our daughter had her own ideas about where she wanted to finish high school.  We know it is unconventional, but it works for us.

Our intention was to broaden their worlds, safely.   So we bought near the train for easy commuting and near the high school for easy driving …on purpose.

Intention and purpose… I know my maternal intention and purpose.  It is to  ”Hold down the fort”  as they say.   And while I am holding I thought I could share my adventures with you.

With all of the “new” goings on, I feel like I am going to college too, only this time

…I am married,

…I am not deciding whether or not to do my homework,

…I am actually waking up in the morning,

…I am much older and much wiser,

…I have a dog,

…and I can hear the train.


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  • Hi Maureen. It's Doug Ciota. I just read my first blog - yours! Very cool .. hope you are well and let's do lunch soon. Big game Saturday!

  • DOUG!!! My favorite comment yet! If I have you as a reader, I have lived my life well.

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