Dear Subscribers:

I have written precious little in the last several months.  Work and life demands have gotten in the way, because:

I have moved.

Yes, I have moved, both physically and, er, blogally. ?

For the last 40 plus years I called the greater Chicago-area my home.  Recently, I moved the family to Western Michigan.  More room, more wild birds to hunt, and you can see the starts at night!

I don’t know if you noticed, but this blog is hosted by ChicagoNow.  The key word being “Chicago”.  Since I no longer live in Chicago, I can’t really continue to blog here.

If you’ve enjoyed my ramblings, then take a look at where my ramblings are now residing:

There is a “subscribe by email” option on the new blog.  Please consider heading over there and subscribing as well.

I am going to continue to talk training.  This year I am training my dog to retrieve, without or seriously diminishing the use of force.  I’ll be talking about that, plus other training thoughts that come to mind.

Hope to hear from you over there.

Rick Bohning – Training The Wolf

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