I'm Moving Away And There Are Things I Will Miss

I'm Moving Away And There Are Things I Will Miss

I am moving away from the suburbs of Chicago to Whitehall, Michigan.

The house I am moving to has 25 acres, hunting across the street and out my back door. I have room to garden. I have room to train my dog. I have room to take on some dog training clients. This move is a dream come true.

But, to be sure, when I move away, there are things I will miss.

Last night, my wife and I were walking our dog. A group of 4 kids, siblings as far as I could tell, started to walk up to pet the dog. I halted them and taught them good dog manners: You need to ask permission first.

Their reply in unison was, “Can we pet your dog?”


The oldest boy was probably 10, the youngest was maybe 7. Hard to tell…I don’t have kids. The girls had butterfly wings on their backs. They all were very polite and very good with the dog.

My skin is the color of my ancestors who came from western Europe. Their skin is the color of their ancestors who come from Africa.

But, in that instance, we were not black and white. We were the dog owners, and they were just kids who could not resist that siren song of a dog on leash.

Having a dog removes boundaries. We have had young Indian or Pakistani girls come and pet the dog. Some Muslims find the dog unclean, so if these girls were Muslim, I hope they did not get in trouble. A young man of 12 or so with darker skin would stop and watch in wonder when my dog would point a rabbit, even commanding his friends to shut up and watch.

fifthBirthdayShilohWhen I move away, I’ll miss this. Our new neighbors will be farther away, and Whitehall is much more homogenous than my neighborhood. I’ll miss watching differences disappear and people come together over the love of a little orange and white dog.

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Image Attribution: By Jon Hurd (originally posted to Flickr as Stella at school.) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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