5 "National Holidays" That No One Is Celebrating, But Me

So many “National Holidays” so little time. 9 days out of 10, my Facebook newsfeed is telling me that it’s time to tip up our cup and throw our hands up about SOMETHING. And I’m not just talking about the heavy hitter holidays that you might actually get the day off work for. There are a plethora... Read more »

10 Career Ideas for a Stay at Home Mom

According to the latest blast from my past, provided by the Time Hop App, I’m reminded that basically every year (right around this time) I go through some sort of existential crisis, trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. The bad news is: I still have no idea. The... Read more »

A list of 7 inanimate objects that you might become when you have kids

#1: A toy
Having children changes you. Fine. Great. Same ol’ same ol’. BUT did you know that having kids can literally make you into something you might never have expected?  No, I’m not talking about them turning you into a “better person” or whatever. I’m talking about you- morphing into an actual object. An inanimate, non-living, non-breathing,... Read more »

How to Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Have you ever had a time where you stepped outside your comfort zone and you find yourself feeling, intimidated, overwhelmed, nerve-wracked etc. but in the end you walk away feeling like “meh, that wasn’t so bad“. Kinda like ripping off a band-aid or whatever. Why are we so scared to be stretched outside our limits? When... Read more »

12/8/2014: The Day I Met Justin Timberlake

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times “I adore Justin Timberlake”. So what if I’m rapidly approaching middle aged, have children, and should be spending my free time joining the PTA or something? I can’t help myself. The beauty of my interactions with you all is that I know a lot... Read more »

Quirky Behavior: You are Not Alone

Admit it, you’re weird. Eccentric? That’s nice. You are eccentric. Moral of the story- you do weird stuff. Maybe as you are stacking your construction paper in rainbow (ROYGBIV) order, you think to yourself Dude, I’m a grade A/top notch/over the top/raging oddball.  Or perhaps while you are breaking into your friend’s refrigerator to check the symmetry... Read more »

Happy One Year Blogiversary to Me!

Today is my one year Blogiversary!!! Is that even a word? Whatever, it’s a word now! And it makes me want to crowd dance like Taylor Swift at every award show…in the history of ever. Time really does fly when you are having fun! And kids, time flies when you have kids. Admittedly, I have been... Read more »

Parenting: Do you Talk the talk or walk the walk?

Modern day parenting techniques are often criticized. Today, kids get trophies just for showing up.  Less children are being spanked and more are being coached to verbalize their feelings. Parents aren’t saying “no” enough (they obviously haven’t met my kids). Crying it out, is ‘emotionally damaging‘.  Mothers should breastfeed. Food should be organic. Technology is destroying... Read more »

Top 10 Things NOT to Miss About Summer

It’s that time of year again folks! The school supply aisle looks less like a Black Friday stampede and more like the shelves the week before Y2K. The kids are all dressed to the nines in their fresh back to school duds and your Facebook newsfeed is engulfed in First Day Of Whateverthehellgradeyourkidisin pics! And... Read more »

Oversized Aviators-Every Mom Needs a Pair

Today, my oldest baby started Kindergarten. What’s the big deal? I said. It’s like glorified preschool! I said. I’ll be way more traumatized when it’s first grade and she’s gone all day. I said.  I swore I wasn’t going to do it. I’m not going to cry, I’m not going to cry, I’m not going to cry. I... Read more »