About Us

Because you love Chicago sports and everyone loves a good Top Ten list.

Basically, this is the Chicago version of "Who's No. 1" minus Stu Scott's lazy eye. Founded way back when in 2008, my lists have been featured on ESPN.com, SI.com, CNN.com and various newspaper sites across the country. Blogging isn't my full time gig and I don't live in my parent's basement. So when I'm not scouring google for the Chicago athletes with mullets, you can find me in the interactive marketing world earning a living.

All lists consist only of athletes from the last 25 years, unless noted, and deal specifically with Chicago sports.I like to have a good time, throw in a few pop culture references and a few shots at some of the more notable athletes/events around town.

As I'm sure you would agree, there are far too many sensationalist bloggers and journalists across the sports world that make me sick to my stomach. Which is why you can always expect my lists to at the very least attempt to be true to topic and not a cheap way to get hits a la The Bleacher Report.

But back to why you're here. If you have an idea for a future list or feedback from an existing one, shoot me an email at: toptenchicagosports@gmail.com or follow @top10chicago and tweet it to me!