Top Ten Things Wrong with the NFL in Week 2

First and foremost, my apologies for the extended leave of absence from TTCS. I’ve been in a self induced sports coma since Chicago baseball sucked the life out of me. But we’re making a triumphant return by breaking down all that was wrong with the NFL in Week 2 from a fan’s perspective. Or, more specifically, a Bears fan’s perspective. Here we go.

10. Major Wright

I pray to the football gods you aren’t as bad as you’ve looked the past few weeks. But lets just say I’m not feeling too confident about it.

9. Official Reviews

For the most part, the new rule requiring each and every touchdown to be reviewed hasn’t been too much of a pain. But this past week, it seemed as if the officials relished in dragging things out to the point of exhaustion. I’m all for ensuring coaches won’t have to waste a challenge on a blown call. But let’s save the mandatory review only for situations that actually require it. So when a player crosses the goal line without another player within twenty yards, don’t waste time watching a replay of it.

8. Joe Buck

Why is it every time Joe Buck calls a Bears game we seem to be getting our ass handed to us? Granted, it’s the Bears fault for supplying the guy with more ammo to use when roasting ’em on national television. But at the same point, having to sit through three hours of nonstop drivel spewing out of Buck’s mouth about the Bears shortcomings is enough to make me miss White Sox baseball. It’s either that or I play Edward 40-Hands and blackout.

7. Injuries Everywhere

After spending 2010 practically injury free, the injury bug bit the Bears big time on Sunday, with Earl Bennet, Gabe Carimi and Major Wright all going down. But looking around the league, the Bears aren’t alone. You hate to see guys like Jamaal Charles (Torn ACL) of the Chiefs and a host of other stars out for the year. It’s a vicious game, but that doesn’t make it any easier to see.

6. ESPN Fantasy Football App

You’d think the worldwide leader could create an app that consistently works on Sunday. But the fact of the matter is, their app crashed so often, I actually considered posting a scathing review of it on iTunes before deciding to not be that douche. How could ESPN be so unprepared to handle the millions of fantasy players registered on their site? Get your shit together ESPN. I expect more from a free service.

5. Jerry Angelo’s Mess

This is your fault Jerry. Instead of recognizing the only thing holding this team back was a weak offensive line and a true number one wide receiver, you did what you always do. You let your ego get in the way and tried to outsmart everyone in the NFL by signing a group of beat up veterans on the cheap. Meanwhile, your quarterback is getting murdered every Sunday without any help from his receivers.

4. Mike Martz is an Idiot

Eleven total runs? Did we not learn anything last year you stubborn egomaniac? When the Bears don’t run, the Bears don’t win. Simple as that. So stuff the obnoxiously massive playbook in your back pocket, commit to the run game and wipe any visions of this team ever becoming the Rams from your oversized cranium.

3. Fantasy Football Haters

I’m getting sick and tired of pundits attempting to make fantasy football enthusiasts the villain for viewing NFL players like commodities and not people. How about instead, you thank the very same people you’re ripping for turning the NFL into the country’s most popular sport? For turning faceless athletes into legit millionaires? I’ll make you a deal. We’ll stop looking at players like objects as soon as they stop looking at fans as walking dollar signs.

2. No Pressure

One week after knocking the snot out of Matt Ryan, the Bears pass rush was reduced to a jumbling mass of background scenery. Drew Brees had all day back there and picked apart the Cover 2 like he was lining up against the practice squad. Henry Melton was M.I.A. from the word go, as were the rest of his linemates throughout. Without a pass rush, Lovie’s prized defense is screwed and Sunday proved it all to well.

1. Bears Offensive Line

Only Adam Dunn, Congress and the ref from Mayweather’s fight are more inept than this pathetic excuse for an offensive line. It got so bad Sunday that plenty of people were questioning why Cutler was even in the game when it was obviously so out of reach. Which is especially shocking when you consider those same people were questioning the kid’s toughness just months ago. There’s no hope for this group and it will undoubtedly be the undoing of this season.



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  • Hello, my name Tony and im a former ( still is, lol ) a Chicago native... i live in Wis now. I look forward to reading your blogs every day and love your perspective on Chi sports cause im an avid and passionate Chi sports fan... the problem is because we suck and do dumb s#*t all the time u go in what u call a self induced coma, lol and dont report the genius blogs u used to do at least twice a week... we need u back, it makes the passionate fans day just to know theres a blogger thats behind us. So please report the news ( twice a week would b nice, lol ) once again on a regular... we look forward to it... thx

  • Bitter much Matt?

    Favorite line of the week: "You let your ego get in the way and tried to outsmart everyone in the NFL by signing a group of beat up veterans on the cheap."

    It's week 4!!!!!! Let's go rolling, football season is the best season of the year!!!

  • I'm still seeing at best a 9-7 Bears team missing the playoffs. These guys got off easy the last few weeks.

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