Top Ten Hardest Bears to Like

Top Ten Hardest Bears to Like

As most Bears fans know, Sports Illustrated recently published this article that provided an inside look at the enigma that is Jay Cutler. Whether it changed anyone’s opinion, I’m not so sure. But I’ll go out on a limb and say Bears fans still have a tough time warming up to Cutler even if there’s more to him than meets the eye. However, Cutler’s not the only Bear that has a frosty relationship with their faithful followers. Here are the Top Ten.

10. Roy Williams

It may sound crazy to say Roy Williams is unlikeable before he’s even played a down with the Bears. But hear me out. As the poster boy for Jerry Angelo’s bargain bin shopping spree, Williams represents everything we hated about the Bears offseason. Throw in the distinct possibility Williams will go down as a monumental bust, much the same way he was in Dallas, and you’ll start to see the picture.

9. Robbie Gould

I’m onto you Robbie Gould and your whole “I’m really nice to fans and always available for interviews with a smile on my face” routine. You may have everyone else fooled, but you’re going to have to get up a lot earlier in the morning to sneak one past this guy. Nobody can be that likeable.

8. Marcus Harrison

Making fun of the fat kid at camp these days will get you sent to a weeklong sensitivity seminar. But I’m willing to risk it because this tubby bastard is already the most disliked player among the coaches for showing up to camp out of shape and failing his physical. You can’t expect to be respected when you can’t even commit to staying in shape, roughly 25% of your responsibilities.

7. Mike Martz

Forget the mad scientist nonsense because it’s what gets Martz into so much trouble. There are times when his playcalling makes me want to reach through the screen, grab him by the neck and…you get the point. Martz refuses to acknowledge how bad his offensive line is and continues to call games as if Orlando Pace was protecting Culter’s backside. Anyone who can frustrate so many so often is definitely not someone you’d consider to be likeable.

6. Frank Omiyale

Old wounds don’t heal overnight and the damage Omiyale did during his days on the Bears line left one hell of a puncture wound. Thankfully for Omiyale, he’s been relegated to second string and won’t get depantsed on national television every Sunday.

5. Brian Urlacher

Over the years, we’ve seen Urch act like a dick fairly often. He’s equal parts egotistical and standoffish, much to the chagrin of those who hoped he’d be a bit more diplomatic in his dealings with the public. But I’ll give him props for remaining the same guy from day one. Urch may be an ass, but it’s gotten to the point where it can be incredibly entertaining.

4. Lovie Smith

Chicago’s most stubborn man is often on the receiving end of our ire for quite a few reasons. But if I had to pinpoint exactly what it is that we find so unlikeable about Lovie, I’d venture a guess and say it’s because he’s the complete opposite of Mike Ditka. Instead of fire and brimstone, we get passive and patient. So when fans feel like Lovie should be going ballistic after a bad play and he doesn’t, the Fire Love Smith movement gains even more traction.

3. Chris Williams

Other than the fact that Chris Williams is a god awful offensive lineman, I don’t know a thing about him. Truth is, I don’t need to, even if Williams is a nice guy off the field. He’s a first round bust that’s been nothing but a soft, waste of space from the day he was drafted.

2. Jerry Angelo

I’ve devoted far too many characters to count in detailing my disdain for Jerry Angelo. But if you’re interested, I suggest you read this because it deals with fans punching him in the face.

1. Jay Cutler

It’s not that I don’t want to like you Jay, but damnit, how can I? You make it painfully obvious that interacting with fans ranks somewhere between picking up dog shit and doing your taxes. During post game interviews, you look annoyed and act as if every question asked is beneath you. Even if the recent SI article paints a different picture of you, don’t plan on our perception changing too much. We’ve been starved for a quarterback so long, having one that wants nothing to do with us is incredibly tough to stomach.


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  • I might be one of the few who will look past this but who cares about his post game interviews. I like Jay Cutler because he's a good quarterback and could already be the best in Bears history (not that it's saying much). Would you rather still have Rex Grossman or Kyle Orton? We have a real quarterback and people are crying because he isn't a good interview. Seriously, that's the dumbest thing ever.

  • In reply to Bears STH:

    I think it's a stretch to say Jay Cutler may already be the best QB in Bears history. If you want to say he may be the most 'talented' QB the Bears have ever had, then I might agree. Though that really doesn't mean a damn thing.

    But to think fans don't like Jay ONLY because he isn't a good interview is the truly dumbest thing ever.

    It goes a helluva lot further than that. It's the slumped shoulders on the sidelines, the moronic throws that turn into INT's, overthrown balls, and dumb decisions combined with a jag bag attitude that fans dislike so much.

  • In reply to Matt Olsen:

    he is the most talented qb we've ever had and with the continuity that Brady, Manning, Rivers, Rodgers and Brees have when it comes to scheme and offensive coordinator who knows what the kid could do. a college quarterback could have played behind that 85 bears offensive line Matt. Give the man credit for something. You put Brady behind that line last year and he is fucked. You put Manning behind that line and he is retired.

    2nd year with the team, 1st year in Martz's offense, NFC Championship game. C'mon man, stop being a meathead.

  • In reply to Matt Olsen:

    May even be a stretch to say he's a good quarterback. All I hear is that "He has a rocket-arm," Ya well so did Jamarcus Russell, he just didn't last as many games. Cutler may deserve to get hit as many times as he has by the D'.

    And further more has anyone ever thought that there may be a relation between Jay's cold personality and the fact that his O-Line let's defenses feast on him every Sunday? May need looking into.

  • In reply to Matt Olsen:

    It's not the dumbest thing ever because it's true and people read and listen to the crap that's given to them.

    People try way too hard "read" into his body language. Who the eff cares? Just cause you don't like how he's standing doesn't mean he's a jag bag. If you listened to the John Madden interview where he defended Cutler maybe you could look past his "slumped shoulder pads". Watch any quarterback from Peyton Manning to Alex Smith, they'll have slumped shoulder pads on sidelines too when things aren't going they way they should.

    Every quarterback makes bad decisions on the field - it's part of the job description. Has Jay made more of them? Probably but it's a combination of him trying too hard to make a play or because of the talent around him.

    "May already be the best QB in Bears history". Look at his numbers and where he ranks. His two seasons are already up there and they weren't even that great, so it's not a stretch to say that.

  • sorry pal, you're completely off-base about Cutler. Every time someone writes a story or a blog post that rehashes the same crap about his pouty features, demeanor, etc you keep reinforcing the lie.

    Doesn't care about the fans??? are you high? He runs charity races, donates time and money to the poor kids of the country and other countries, has a charity to fight diabetes, signs little kids autographs at training camp, etc.

    Please excuse him if he doesn't like answering inane questions from reporters with a smile all the time when those same reporters are just waiting for a chance to tear him down as long as it generates pageviews. Give me a break.

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    Coincidentally, this article made my following lists: "Top 3 biggest wastes of time", "Top 9 poorly argued positions (It was number 4)" and "Top 13 articles that make the internet worse"


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