Top Ten Wide Receivers the Bears Should Consider

Top Ten Wide Receivers the Bears Should Consider

Lets face it. I can’t write another word about the Cubs or White Sox and you’re probably tired of hearing about how god awful they are. The only solution to this conundrum is football, even if the NFL lockout hasn’t ended. So lets all do what we do best and start analyzing the perceived shortcomings of the Bears. First up, the neverending issue of this team failing miserably at acquiring bonafide wide receivers. There’s plenty of free agent options out there this year and today, we’ll take a look at the Top Ten the Bears should consider.

10. Mike-Sims Walker

Walker went from being the Jaguars future star receiver to being flat out released by the end of 2010. The problem is, as with most receivers, Walker thinks he’s a legit number one even though he’s clearly a number two at best. Since entering the league he’s never able to break the 1k yard plateu in a season and may have already peaked.

9. Randy Moss

Is he worth the headache? Probably not. Is he over the hill? Most likely. But I think Moss could have one more good year in him with a strong armed quarterback like Cutler throwing jump balls his way. Worst case scenario, he’s a bust and the Bears are right back where they started.

8. Santana Moss

According to Devin Hester, Santana Moss is the addition Bears brass should seriously consider above all others. However, I’d like to respectfully disagree with D-Hest on this one. The last thing this team needs is another undersized wideout to line up across from Hester, Johnny Knox and Earl Bennett.

7. Sidney Rice

For me, there’s just too many question marks surrounding Sidney Rice. Between the hip surgery and just one good season on his resume, I can’t shake the suspicion that Rice would become the Bears version of Adam Dunn.

6. Plaxico Burress

All indications are the Bears nixed Plax off their list last time he was available, but that doesn’t make them right. I don’t understand the reluctance on their part to take on a guy that is dying for a chance to prove himself. Did we not learn enough from the Michael Vick experience?

5. Vincent Jackson

Now this would require a bit of creativity, which means there’s a better chance Jerry Angelo grows an asshole on his forehead than swing a deal for Jackson. He’s the total package and was on the verge of becoming a superstar before contract squabbles with the Chargers derailed his progess. Word out of San Diego is the Bolts would be willing to deal, so it’s a possibility. Just a very unlikely one.

4. Jacoby Jones

All you fantasy football players know how frustratingly talented Jacoby Jones is. He’s got the height (6’2″) and speed, but always got lost in the shadows fighting with Andre Johnson, Kevin Walter and Arian Foster for catches. He’s young enough to develop into a trusted target for Cutler and would come relatively cheap too.

3. Santonio Holmes

Definitely the dream scenario here, but almost the most unrealistic. Holmes will be the most sought after free agent wide receiver on the market. Plenty of teams will be beating down Santonio’s door the second free agency begins and the Bears aren’t desperate enough to jump in the fray.

2. Braylon Edwards

Despite a checkered past, Edwards led the Jets with just over 900 yds receiving and 7 TD a year ago. He’s the perfect red zone target for Cutler, standing at 6’3″ and capable of making jaw dropping catches. Granted, Edwards might cost the Bears a big chunk of their free agent bucks. But lets not forget that Angelo is more than willing to unleash a cannonball sized splash in free agency when he wants to.

1. Malcom Floyd

This kid showed everyone what his beastly 6’5″ frame was capable of while Vincent Jackson was away. Outside of Antonio Gates, Floyd was Phillip Rivers’ biggest downfield threat and dropped a filthy eight catch, 213 yd performance on the Raiders. He’s athletic and built to be playing alongside a QB with a cannon like Cutler. Brandon Marshall part deux, if you will.

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  • Looks like Jerry Angelo needs to be growing a HUGE anus on his forehead. Jackson hands down the best option out of all. Multiple years of productivity left, still has a little juice in his veins I would imagine. Plus he knows how to play beside a rocket-armed QB already. I wouldn't mind taking anybody off this list, just as long as we actually make the move. Talk is always cheap in Halas Hall, and so is the spending.

  • I don't get it....the top two choices are clearly Vincent Jackson and Santonio Holmes but you have the Bears being more interested in their teammates. You say Holmes is the dream scenario (which I agree with) but the Bears aren't that desperate to jump in?.......Why NOT?....The Bears are in desperate need of a player of Holmes talent level.....Then you have the Bears being more likely to go after Edwards which is just ridiculous. Also why wouldn't they go for Vincent Jackson..... The tall receiver we so desperately need.... The bears have plenty of money to spend why not spend it on a glaring issue....Aren't we trying to get to the Super Bowl?

  • Santonio and Vincent have the character issue thing that the Bears aren't in love with, Braylon has the pass-dropping thing going on, but Malcom Floyd would be nice ...

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