Top Ten Reasons Why Brad Smith is a Bad Idea for the Bears

Top Ten Reasons Why Brad Smith is a Bad Idea for the Bears

With the NFL Lockout over and the Bears season officially about to begin, I left work yesterday in one hell of a great mood. I flipped on the radio in my ride for the latest Bears updates and couldn’t wait to hear who the Bears were talking about spending their free agent cash on. But when I heard the Bears were interested in Jets return man and utility player Brad Smith, I seriously considered turning off the road and driving straight into a tree. This had to be a joke right? It sure the hell isn’t as multiple sources have confirmed the story. But it’s not too late to stop this catastrophe from happening and I pray somehow, some way, this list finds its way into the hands of Jerry Angelo and company.

10. Sneak Attack?

Remember, we’re talking about a bunch of jackasses that thought Todd Collins was a bonafide backup quarterback. What’s to say they don’t envision a scenario where Smith is the third, or gulp, second string quarterback? Resigning Caleb Hanie is no sure thing and I wouldn’t put it past the Bears to sneak one by us. These guys truly think fans are morons.

9. Bad Chemistry

Part of me thinks Brad Smith could handle Jay Cutler’s antics (slumped shoulders, eye rolls, pouty face, etc…) because he’s used to playing alongside another young quarterback in Mark Sanchez. But then again, I think we’re going to see a different Jay Cutler this year. Not only did he just call off his engagement to one of those famous for nothing females, but he’s also spent a loooooong time stewing over having the entire country question his toughness after leaving the NFC Championship game with a knee injury. Anything that impedes his ‘I’m going to prove all you assholes wrong’ season, like, say a wide receiver with little or no experience as a wide receiver, will be very bad for Bears nation.

8. Rule Changes

While I may be low on Smith, there’s no denying he’s an explosive return man. But with the latest rule changes going into effect this season on special teams, will he really get the opportunity to be a game changer? The truth is, nobody knows. We don’t even know what kind of effect it’ll have on D-Hest’s game and he’s the greatest ever. If Smith can no longer excel at the one thing that makes him special on a football field, what good is he worth having?

7. Time is Short

As far as NFL playbooks go, the Bears rank somewhere between Sanscript and Egyptian hieroglyphics in terms of complexity. That’s just the Mike Martz way I guess. But with such a condensed time frame to learn the offense, signing on a guy that didn’t even get the full Jets playbook is rather idiotic.

6. Hypocrisy

You’re happy with your receivers, yet you’re potentially interested in getting one that’s hot garbage? Typical Bears move. Why spend money on a proven player like Braylon Edwards or hell, Randy Moss, when you can get a guy on the cheap? Why don’t I come up with another hypothetical question to point out the Bears ineptitude? Because it’s unecessary. You already know the Bears long history of producing god awful offenses. It’d be no surprise if they added to that legacy by signing Smith.

5. Wildcat = Failure

As inept as the Bears look running an offense most of the time, they’ve looked damn near retarded running the Wildcat. Which makes the idea of pursuing Smith all the more baffling. While the Wildcat did have a successful, albeit short, run, defenses have made the adjustments and it’s no longer effective. The Jets may have enjoyed moderate success using Smith in the exotic formation, but it’d be a mistake of epic proportions on the Bears part to assume they’d get the same.

4. Devin Hester Part Deux

When you’ve already got the greatest return man in history, why mess with perfection? The short answer is, you don’t. But the long answer goes like this. Smith’s signature skill is in the return game and if there’s one thing the Bears haven’t had to worry about since drafting Devin Hester, it’s exactly that. Though spending valuable free agent cash on a D-Hest’s B-Team doppleganger reeks of something Jerry Angelo would do.

3. More Pressing Needs

I’m right there with ya and have a wide receiver high atop my wish list. But I’m not jaded enough to think that any new wideout beats no new wideout. Right now the Bears have only two linebackers (Urlacher & Briggs) under contract, the offensive line is still spotty at best, and with the possibility of Anthony Adams leaving for more cash elsewhere, this squad has some gaping holes. Fill those up first and we’ll settle for another year of the mini me receiving corps.

2. Better Options

I’ve already covered the Top Ten WR’s the Bears Should Look At, but the fact remains there are plenty of better options out there. First of all, if you think the Bears have a chance in hell at Santonio Holmes, punch yourself in the face. Same goes for Plaxico Burress or Sidney Rice. But I truly think if the Bears were serious about adding some firepower to Jay Cutler’s arsenal, they could do some damage with guys like Malcom Floydd, Braylon Edwards or even Randy Moss as a one year rental. Hell, I’ll even take a Jacoby Jones over Smith.

1. Ummm…He Sucks

Sorry, but it’s true. Smith caught only four passes last season, good for 44 yards with no touchdowns, and rushed for 299 yards on 38 attempts. A small sample you say? Try this on for size. Smith’s got more career rushing yards (767) than receiving yards (557). His longest reception is good for 29 yds and has just eight career touchdowns. Where in any of this are the Bears seeing anything but a waste of time and money is beyond me.

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