Top Ten Reasons Why Bears Fans Want to Punch Jerry Angelo in the Face

Top Ten Reasons Why Bears Fans Want to Punch Jerry Angelo in the Face

Chicagoans were edgy enough having to deal with Mother Nature unleashing day after day of extreme temps and storms. But when news broke of a trade sending Bears tight end Greg Olsen to the Carolina Panthers, it seemed the pent up frustrations of the entire city exploded to the surface. The man directly in our crosshairs and on the receiving end of all this anger is Bears GM Jerry Angelo. To explain why, here are the Top Ten Reasons Why Bears Fans Want to Punch Jerry Angelo in the Face.

10. Failure to Communicate

When asked to give his opinion on the Greg Olsen trade last night on WGN, former Bears WR Rashied Davis said “I have no clue what is going on with the Bears organization”. Join the club. When it comes to communicating with fans, Angelo gives out less information than the CIA. Why the shroud of secrecy needs to exist is beyond me. We’re not looking for intimate details about all the dealings you’re involved with Jerry. But throw us a frigging bone from time to time and you’ll be amazed by the reaction you get from fans and players alike.

9. Draft Failure

As it stands right now, the Bears only have one first round pick remaining on the roster that was drafted by Jerry Angelo. To me, that speaks volumes to his abilities as a GM. In later rounds, there’s no doubt about it, Angelo has unearthed some gems. But the first round is where you’re supposed to find franchise players and throughout his tenure with this club, Angelo has failed and failed miserably.

8. Bad Rep Around the League

A 30-word press release was all the Bears sent out to announce the Greg Olsen deal. They’re dicking around resigning their most respected player. They embarassed themselves on national television during the NFL Draft, when they screwed over the Baltimore Ravens by not calling to report a deal they had agreed to. These are just a few examples of how easily it is to believe the Bears don’t have the greatest reputation amongst the league and its players. Angelo doesn’t deserve all the blame for this. But in a city that takes pride in being honest, hard working people, having a team that doesn’t necessarily represent those qualities is tough to swallow.

7. Jerry’s High Horse

There’s nothing more infuriating than watching Jerry Angelo in front of assembled media with that shit eating grin on his face. You can tell this man thinks he’s smarter than everyone in the room even when history suggests nine times out of ten, he doesn’t have a funking clue. Try to ask him a difficult question and he’ll get frustrated. Similar to the way that IT guy in your office acts like an ass when you ask him a question he feels that is beneath him. It’s getting old Jerry.

6. No Creativity

When’s the last time you can say Jerry Angelo made a great trade? Sure, he pried Jay Cutler away from the Broncos. But the gents in Denver would’ve been stupid to pass up the king’s ransom Jerry was offering in return. When you watch the Patriots get Albert Haynesworth for a couple late round picks, or the Ravens getting Anquan Boldin for just a third round pick, you’ll start to realize how inept Angelo is at acquiring talent. Seems the only way he knows how to get a big name is with a suitcase full of cash, which requires absolutely zero creativity.

5. Penny Pincher

I’ll cut Jerry some slack here because the Bears have been cheap since the day they were founded. But if there was ever a year to open up the checkbook, this is it. With the most money to spend in the NFC North, fourth most in the NFL, Angelo’s more interested in getting a collection of players on the cheap instead of going after a few playmakers. Those who disagree with this assessment will be quick to point out the spending spree Angelo went on last year, getting Julius Peppers, Chester Taylor and Brandon Manuma-oh who cares he’s gone anyway. But I’ll counter that point by saying there’s an exception to every rule. One year does not change what you really are.

4. Knife to a Gunfight

As much as it pains me to say it, the Green Bay Packers are hands down the best team in the NFC North. I know that seems like an obvious statement to make seeing as how they’re the Super Bowl champs and all. But it seems to warrant mentioning because I don’t think Jerry Angelo realizes it. Last year the Bears caught every break possible on their way to the NFC Championship game, only to get outplayed from start to finish by the Pack. Meanwhile, our neighbors to the North fought through injuries to nine of their starters (who are all returning by the way) and won a title. Without doing anything to bolster what was already a dreadfully inept offense, the Bears are doing the Pack a favor by practially handing them the division on a silver platter.

3. Why Olsen and Why Now?

Even after taking some time to process the G-Reg trade, for the life of me I can’t figure this one out. Olsen was the Bears lone legitimate red zone target and tied for the most TD on the team in 2010. More importantly, he was Jay Cutler’s security blanket and BFF. I know I’m not the first to suggest it, but there’s a damn good chance Kid Cutler is going to be more upset about breaking up with Olsen than he was with his famous for nothing fiancee. While I’m happy we got a third round pick in the deal, what good is it going to do us this year?

2. Quit Screwing with Olin Kreutz

Bears fans are baffled by how long it’s taken Angelo to resign Olin Kreutz. But frankly, I’m not surprised. Instead of making it a priority to bring the Bears heart and soul back into the fold, Angelo is lowballing the bejesus out of Kreutz at the risk of losing him altogether. Get your shit together and resign Kreutz. Even if his skills have declined the past few seasons, this offensive line would be a disaster without him running the show.

1. Inactivity

Bears faithful are chomping at the bit for Jerry Angelo to make a move and I don’t blame them. This isn’t the year to be laying in the weeds before making a strike. Why? Because you don’t have that kind of time Jerry! Thanks to the lockout, you’ve got to move fast or else you’ll be fighting over the scraps with other teams that pussyfooted around for the past week or so. And trust me when I say you’re even more delusional than I thought if you’re expecting Bears fans to fawn over guys like Roy Williams or Mike Sims-Walker. So consider yourself warned Mr. Angelo. There’s some time left to straighten this mess out. But the clock is definitely ticking.

On a side note, I think it’s about time for Chicago radio personalities to give the whole ‘you’re fans, you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about’ act a rest. I’m glad you sit around the studio feeling special like you’re in an exclusive club and the rest of the world isn’t half as smart as you. But just know the rest of us think you’re a bunch of pompous jackasses.

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  • Damn you couldn't be more right. You listed my 10 stages of Angelo-hate to the 'T'. Man I can't wait for him to be gone.

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