Top Ten Reasons Why It Sucks to Be a Chicago Sports Fan

If you’re any kind of Chicago sports fan, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Right now we’re all stuck in a sports purgatory of sorts, with no chance of escape in the forseeable future. I don’t have to tell you how brutal it is, but I do want to point out the exact reasons why you’re feeling so damn miserable. Here are the Top Ten Reasons Why it Sucks to Be a Chicago Sports Fan.


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  • Here's a few reasons for you to be a bit brighter about the Fire: 270 minutes without conceding a goal (home or away), not losing in a stadium opener (a 0-0 draw with KC), bringing 70+ supporters on a Thursday to KC, 1 tie and 1 win against regional rivals with those 2 games being within a 4 day span of one another (4 points out of 6), bringing over 400 supporters to witness the victory in Columbus (the team's first win since their home opener), and not 1 loss under (interim) coach Frank Klopas (a 1-0-2 record).

    Now, it isn't all peaches and cream, the team has been not as good as previous years, but at least there are some positives.

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