Top Ten Celeb Miami Heat Fans You Probably Want to Smack

As the final seconds ticked away in Game 4, my anger level rose exponentially everytime a Miami Heat fan came into focus on screen. Their wrinkled oompa loompa skin. Their frosted tips, gold chains, crisp white linen shirts and overall level of douchery was too much to stand. But then we got a glimpse of Sammy Sosa celebrating and I knew at that moment, something had to be done. Here are the Top Ten Celeb Miami Heat Fans You Probably Want to Smack. 
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  • Oh how I despise Sosa. Doesn't he just look like a disco queen these days?

  • In reply to GDarkow:

    Well played sir...and he wonders why Chicago refuses to acknowledge his existence.

  • In reply to GDarkow:

    I think Ochocinco was trying to hook up a soccer tryout. DOn't tell him that the Tampa Bay Mutiny have folded.

  • In reply to GDarkow:

    Benny the Bull is on the Grill. DAAAAAAAAA HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • In reply to threalReginald:

    Ugh...I can't come up with much more than that. FML.

  • fb_avatar

    Matt when you refer to a tool are you looking in the mirror because that's exactly what you are, not to mention a fan of those losers Chicago Bulls.

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