About me: Tom Byelick

My Facebook friends have told me on more than one occasion that I should write for a newspaper.  They say this because, well, I suppose I have a lot to say.  Most of my posts are rather lengthy and almost always require the reader to click on the "read more" button at the bottom of the post, if they should want to read more!

Up until a year ago or so, the extent of my writing involved business correspondence and an occasional email to a friend.  I guess text messages might count for something as well.  When I joined Facebook about a year ago, I found an outlet for the ideas that I always wanted to share but perhaps didn't have the audience to share them with.  As I began posting a few ideas, people began to respond.  Politics, in particular, is an area that most people feel the most passionate about.  Although I consider myself to be an Independent, I probably lean toward the left when it comes to most social issues.  As I make observations and write about them, I encourage everyone to express their opinion while keeping it respectful.  I certainly try to remain neutral on most issues until everyone has had an opportunity to express themselves and clarify their ideas if needed.

Since this is my first attempt at blogging, I welcome any suggestions and ideas regarding the content.  I don't intend to limit my blogs to politics.  Quite the contrary....I love to write about and discuss sports, current events or as the title states...good old Tomfoolery!!