Happy New Year...sort of.

Happy New Year...sort of.

2022 is upon us and I’m another year older and another year wiser…well, older anyway. Now that we’re a week or so into the new year and the initial excitement over those pesky resolutions has waned, I’m here to say that I really am excited about the new year! There is a great deal to be thankful for and the reasons for optimism abound. There are, however, just a few minor areas for concern that I have as we delve into 2022. These are just a few slight details to iron out, but once we get these bugs worked out, we’re home free. Again, just a couple of trivial things, but worth mentioning. A couple of wrinkles that are in no order of importance:

Democracy: I’m a little on edge about the whole democracy thing. A year following an insurrection and a takeover of one our country’s most hallowed structures, I get a little nervous when people talk about this event like it was a tour bus of seniors who stopped to snap a few Poloroids of the founding fathers’ statues. I expected a bit more of an uproar over that situation, but more importantly, much more noise about the fact some want to pretend the event never happened. It seems that our willingness to be influenced by those who are either horribly misinformed or who are deliberately trying to mislead us has me feeling a little anxious.

The Great Resignation: For a while there it was kind of fun watching people quit their jobs and seek greener pastures, or to simply stay home. I’m a big fan of seeing people pursue their dreams and make their own way. I’m not sure everyone trying this, however, has a well thought out business plan in place. Over the past year, many employers have determined that with advanced technology in place, they can do without the brick-and-mortar structures and can send their workers home to work. The next decision companies will make beyond the need of a brick-and-mortar structure, surrounds the workers who once filed into the building each morning. Artificial Intelligence to replace many workers is not only on the horizon, but it’s hovering overhead. I worry about what people are going to do for a livelihood in the coming years.

Public Safety: I worry about gun violence. Shootings are commonplace and reported daily. It’s out of control and there’s no plan, that I can detect, in place to fix it. What is not reported, however, are the daily sightings of erratic drivers using the interstate highway as their personal Grand Prix track. What type of tires do these cars possess that makes the drivers of these vehicles feel secure in weaving in and out of traffic at such high rates of speed? Why is there no outcry over such insane driving practices? I really cannot remember the last time I observed someone pulled over for speeding on the interstate.

I suppose I could add to this list, but it is a new year, therefore we should look at the bright side of things. I am very optimistic about one aspect of our world and that’s the next youth of America. So often young people are criticized for having their noses buried in their electronic devices for too many hours. Considering what is happening in the world, can we really blame them for not wanting to come up for air? A recent visit to a local high school solidified my faith in today’s youth and tomorrow’s world. The group of students I visited consisted of a class of young entrepreneurs. This group of young people shared some of the most creative, innovative, and mind-blowing business ideas that just about turned me inside out. My objective when I visited the class was to deliver (lecture) some bits of wisdom. The agenda quickly changed when I asked the students to share their most unique business idea. Before long, it was I who was taking notes and a lesson in business creation. Their desire to not only seek creative outlets, but to seek true happiness was the ultimate inspiration. Their quest to make themselves happy rather than create happiness for some future boss was also a lesson we can all draw from. I exited the classroom with complete confidence the next generation has things very much under control and the world was in good hands…assuming there will be a world that awaits them. Did I mention global warming?

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