New Year, Want New Career? Try Proofreading!

Give me six hours, and I can give you the tools for a new career.

Let’s try a test:  What’s wrong with this graphic, and how would you fix it?

What about this headline?

As these examples clearly illustrate, a good proofreader is often the last line of defense between copy mistakes and the public reputation of a company or organization.  

And in this digital age, quality online content is needed to properly brand and image corporate, organizational, and individual websites. Take, for example, this from USA Women’s Hockey:

Who checked all those names to make sure they were spelled correctly? Who made sure they were evenly spaced? And that they used the proper logo?

Those who aspire to proofreading as a profession need to know: 

  • The standard system of marks and notations, known as ‘Proofreader’s Marks’
  • How to train your eyes to spot critical mistakes
  • When and how to consult references, such as a dictionary or style book, such as the AP Stylebook and the Chicago Manual of Style

Your own Token Female teaches the tools of the profession every other month at the Discovery Center, 4318 N Elston Ave, Chicago. 

Our first class of the year is on Sunday, January 28, from 10am-4pm. The class is $99, and a materials fee of $20 is payable to the instructor the day of the class.  

In return, abundant coffee, lively instruction, and reference materials are provided.

The one-day class will give you a complete primer. You’ll learn proofreading symbols and gain a sense of how to edit, with plenty of opportunity to practice on a variety of printed materials. You will also be given several punctuation and grammar tips. 

At the end of the course, you’ll learn about job opportunities for proofreaders. 

A little about me:  I’ve been editing publications since 1987, and I’ve done it all… newsletters, brochures, magazines, digital media presentations, annual reports, and blogging.  

If you’re interested… I’d love to help you find your new career! Here’s the link:    

Register Here

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