On this Mothers Day: I'm a Working Mom...wait, I'm a Working Mom?

On this Mothers Day: I'm a Working Mom...wait, I'm a Working Mom?
My family today...something I never thought would happen!

With my third Mothers Day coming up Sunday, I can’t help but shake my head in disbelief. How life has changed since I wrote this description of me:

“Writing and broadcasting are my life, especially about women’s sports and women’s issues. I believe in God, Title IX, equal pay and equal rights for all mankind. Recently, I became the guardian of a beautiful, inquisitive little girl. Occasionally, you’ll find me ‘mommy blogging.'”

Alison Moran, 2015

It’s been two years and three months since Rosie came bounding into our lives and hearts. We’ve watched her grow and blossom into a beautiful, snap-crackle-pop tween who loves anime and Hetalia. (who knew I’d even know what that means?)

Life’s done a 180-degree turn when I wasn’t looking. I still believe in God, Title IX, equal pay and equal rights for all mankind. I will always believe those things.

But no longer are writing and broadcasting ‘my life.’ I barely have time to ‘mommy-blog,’ or any other kind of blogging.

Family…Ted, Rosie, Mom, our lengthy extended family…that’s life. That’s how I plan my life today.

It used to be that I could, without hesitation, say yes to every freelance and/or full-time assignment that came my way. I didn’t even have to ask anyone if it were okay.

I will always love covering sports and creating features for broadcast or print. I will always love producing, sidekicking, and hosting radio shows and news updates.

You could find me at WKRS every weekend...doing everything!

You could always find me at WKRS!

But now…I have to take into consideration how long I’m going to be away from Ted and Rosie, what they’ll be doing, and what they’ll need while I’m gone. Planning for dinners I may miss. Making sure that they know I remembered them while I was away. And what if an event conflicts with her softball game or school event? In order to raise her right, she needs her cheerleaders alongside her. That means me. And Ted.

I realized this just a few months back. Sure, I’d been a mom for a few years, but never really thought about who I was to other people. A few newer friends and I were talking about how hard it was to balance our full-time work and being a good parent. One of them turned to me, and said “You’re a working mom. You’ll understand this.”

And with a jolt, I thought. “Yes, I AM a working mom! Yes, I AM!”

Yes, my friends don’t see me as much as they used to, and I miss that part of my life, and my availability to spend time with them.

But I had longer than most women to, quote, ‘sow my wild oats.’ And I wouldn’t have been a great mom then, being so ambitious. But now…I can focus on giving her Rosie her moment, and teach her what it’s like to truly love what you’re doing.

Ahhh, balance. It’s work. But we’re committed to being a family. And yes, I am, unashamedly, a WORKING MOM!

Happy Mother’s Day to all who balance work and family!





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