An Apology To All Women on the Election of Donald Trump

An Apology To All Women on the Election of Donald Trump

Dear Satan,

It sure was fun watching the Cubs win. But seriously, you are putting HIM  (aka, Donald Trump) in charge? We didn’t think you’d actually go through with it. Is it too late to back out of our deal?


Cub Nation

Thanks to my brother for that prayer. The nightmare of Election Night 2016 is finally wearing off. I can think again, but still am processing what a Donald Trump America looks like.  After all, we are:

  • A country of 50.4% women.
  • A country of immigrants
  • A country of people with ambition.

No one should face a glass ceiling, an unequal paycheck, persecution, or be sent packing because of their gender, skin color, culture, or religion.

Eight years of progress on civil liberties under President Barack Obama proved to be too much for white males, young and old. This election, in fact,  proved to be a ‘Whitelash,’ as CNN Contributor Van Jones so eloquently articulated:

You tell your kids don’t be a bully, you tell your kids don’t be a bigot… and then you have this outcome,” the CNN analyst said early Wednesday morning. “You have people putting children to bed tonight and they are afraid of breakfast. They’re afraid of ‘How do I explain this to my children?'”

When our daughter got up on Wednesday morning, I told Rosie, “Tell your friends not to worry. They’re not going to be deported or killed. Too many checks and balances on the system.”

And then, there are the women. Does Donald Trump respect women? Nah. Only as they can serve him, and worship him, it appears.  Comedian Rosie O’Donnell became a ‘disgusting person,’ after mocking his hair on ‘The View’ about 10 years ago. Nancy O’Dell, the ‘Entertainment Tonight’ show host, refused to sleep with him (she was married, and so was he), and he “saw her again, and she’d changed…gotten ugly. Fake tits….”

In the wake of the election, which denied us the first female president of the United States, and may have set civil liberties for marginalized citizens back to Stone Age, I can only offer an apology.

This isn’t my apology. It’s an apology I received, written by my brother Roger, a lawyer in Oakland, who has NOTHING to apologize for, except that he is a Caucasian man living in America. By the way, he voted for Hillary Clinton. But it speaks to the pain of this election, and what may be lost.

Apology for the unexpected thickness of glass ceilings (and so much more)

As a man, I apologize for the selection of an uninformed misogynist predator over a woman with decades of experience and qualifications.

As a father, I apologize for the endorsement of a leader who uses bullying and intimidation as a path to victory.
As a lawyer, I apologize for misguided rulings on voting rights and corporate speech that assisted the triumph of a demagogue catering to fear.
As a supporter of democracy, I apologize for continued use of an obsolete Electoral College system that has likely once again denied the Presidency to the candidate receiving more votes.
As a person who believes in learning from mistakes, I apologize for a leader who refuses to apologize for anything.
As the descendant of immigrants, I apologize for the failure to stop a candidate who supports most of the the Know-Nothing Party’s 1856 platform (with the notable exception of Point 14, which promises enmity to those who “attempt to carry out the principles” of a foreign state).

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