When Did The WNBA become the NFL?

When Did The WNBA become the NFL?
Elena Delle Donne pretty much willed the Chicago Sky into the finals against the Phoenix Mercury in 2014. In 2015, she earned a career-high 45 points in one game

Let’s play a game in this week’s issue: WNBA or NFL? When I say these words, what comes to mind:

1) Domestic abuse.

2) Sexual harassers playing key positions in the leadership of a team.

3) Key players missing from teams due to suspensions for grievous infractions.

I’m talking about the NFL, right?

Haha. One week to go before the 18th WNBA season begins, and it’s beginning to look a lot like the NFL. Here’s what’s happened so far in the offseason:

Isaiah Thomas was named President of the New York Liberty If anyone will remember, he cost the New York Knicks and their owner, MSG, $11.6 million dollars in sexual harassment fines for his treatment of former Knicks executive Anucha Browne Sanders, in 2007. And now, the Knicks owner, who also owns the Liberty, gives him a second chance. Not coincidentally, Thomas’ former Detroit Piston teammate/fellow’Bad Boy’ Bill Laimbeer coaches the Liberty. Brothers forever, I guess.

  • TF’s thoughts: Is this the Jimmy Dugan approach? “A chance is what I’m giving you,” said old Walter Harvey in ‘A League of their Own.’  “Girls can’t play baseball, Mr. Harvey. Girls are for sleeping with after the game,” replied JD. 

Newlyweds Glory Johnson and Brittney Griner are starting the season on the bench The WNBA suspended Mrs. and Mrs. Johnson-Griner seven games each for battering each other just two weeks before their wedding. The Tulsa Shock definitely needed big girl Johnson, and it’s hard to gauge what the 2014 WNBA Champion Phoenix Mercury will look like without Griner and her alter-ego, sharp-shooting Diana Taurasi.

  • TF’s thoughts: The WNBA needs a much stronger domestic violence policy. It’s no more a laughing matter among women than it is among NFL football players and their significant others and baby mamas.

This leads me to….

Diana Taurasi gets paid by her Russian team to sit out the WNBA season Taurasi has been playing year-round basketball ever since she was a freshman at UConn 20 years ago.  You can’t blame her for wanting to get paid millions of dollars for resting up, right?

  • TF’s thoughts:   Taurasi is one of the best ambassadors and stars the WNBA’s ever had. I’ve interviewed her numerous times. She’s awesome. And no one can spark a bench like she can. She will be missed. BIG TIME!  If she doesn’t come back, I’m booking a plane ticket to Russia.

Where’s Sylvia?  The Chicago Sky’s Sylvia Fowles has been absent from all preseason activities.  Word is she wants out of Chicago, away from her LSU coach Pokey Chatman. According to my friend, Daily Herald columnist Patricia Babcock McGraw, she wants to be traded to the Minnesota Lynx.

  • TF’s thoughts: I reached out to the Sky’s front office for comment, but my message was unreturned. Stay tuned for further developments. 

Elena Delle Donne on Bikini.com  The WNBA’s biggest asset ever just signed a deal to become a health and fitness blogger for the new website, which features expensive, ‘tasteful’ bikinis for all shapes and sizes.

  • TF’s thoughts:  This week’s sign of the Apocalypse. Delle Donne told me in an e-interview she wants to get into the fashion business. I’ll have more in an upcoming article.


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