To 670 The Score: We Saw Your Boobs

To 670 The Score: We Saw Your Boobs
CSN Chicago's Aiyana Cristal

There’s something wrong in this world when, heartfelt apologies aside, the Score 670 anchors Dan Bernstein and Matt Spiegel deserved to be suspended for their viral rants about the ‘giant boobs’ and  dubious talents of Comcast Sportsnet Chicago reporter Aiyana Cristal. As reported in the New York Daily News:

“Dan Bernstein and Matt Spiegel, hosts of shows on WSCR-AM 670 The Score, both admitted they were in the wrong over the “Twitter kerfuffle” that ambushed Comcast SportsNet Chicago reporter Aiyana Cristal.

Spiegel fired the first volley by writing:

“Aiyana Cristal makes me uncomfortable.  I feel how hard she’s trying, and end up awkwardly rooting for her to finish cleanly.

I have no rooting interest in her work, but enjoy her giant boobs,” (Bernstein) replied to the tweet, the first of two references he made to the sportscaster’s anatomy.

“Seconded,” Spiegel wrote in reply.

Mitch Rosen, 670 the Score’s boss, was on vacation when the ‘kerfuffle’ appeared. I thought, when he came back from vacation, he might come out with a statement, discuss suspensions, perhaps give an interview to Robert Feder to say:  “Dan and Matt admitted their stupidity and apologized profusely. The Score has an innate respect for women, and would never endorse such a conversation, either internally or through social  media.”

They offended plenty of women fans of 670 The Score, including me. I’ve met both Dan and Matt in my travels, and I shared Matt’s heartfelt apology on my Facebook page.

But this incident reveals a little more than just two guys having a ‘guys’ conversation about boobs and a woman’s intelligence/talent. It appears to be  an example of the internal workings of the Score, the environment in which they work, and the impossibility of having a woman (besides my friend Kerry Sayers, who works part-time as an update anchor) as a show host. And it appears to be tacitly endorsed by Rosen.

Silence equals agreement, that’s what I say.

670 The Score's Dan Bernstein

670 The Score’s Dan Bernstein

670 The Score's Matt Spiegel

670 The Score’s Matt Spiegel

After both apologized on air and through social media, Spiegel added some thoughts on Facebook over the weekend:

On dealing with ugliness:

I have hurt someone, demeaned someone, and shown an ugly side of myself.

So now what can I do?

I can apologize to that person, as directly as possible.

I can be mindful to not give in to such things and hurt someone like that publicly.

I can work harder to be the best version of myself, the one I strive to be all the time.

I can acknowledge that the culture I work in is often not welcoming to women, and is sometimes downright exclusionary, mean, and objectifying. I can try to be a healthy part of the conversation, and not part of the problem.

I can do the kind of things that feed my soul, remind me of what is just, and don’t need to be public.

I have sexualized, perverse human thoughts like just about everyone else. I can be more considerate when they rise to the surface. And I can stay out of the sewer when it rises towards me.

I can use any microphone or print platform I am fortunate enough to have to spread the right kind of thought process. Be kind. Be respectful.

Live, learn, keep going.

Here’s a challenge from the Token Female: Live this, don’t just write it. If you really want to be a part of the solution, not the problem, try encouraging a change in culture at 670 the Score. Encourage the hiring of women. That’ll change the environment for the better.

Try it. I triple-dog-dare you.


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