Good hair? SportClips great for women sports fans, too

Good hair? SportClips great for women sports fans, too
My SportClips cut, one day later

I’m all about equality.

“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” I always say. And if you read this entire post, it will be as good for you. A special opportunity awaits…even when a company promises on their website:

“You’ll leave feeling like a new man – and it only takes 20 minutes.”

I want to feel like a ‘new man.’ Especially when it comes to haircuts.

So, it bothered me that SportClips, a franchised barbershop/salon catering to men and boys, kept advertising on my favorite sports radio station (which doesn’t employ female hosts,) that they would offer “The MVP Experience” to men and boys, including:

  • a massaging shampoo with “Tea Tree products”
  • a neck and shoulder rub
  • a hot towel on the face, barbershop-style
  • Flatscreen TVs with sports playing at every station
  • Sports magazines

Hell, who wouldn’t want that with a haircut?

I’ve been a loyal cheap-haircut gal forever. Nothing fancy, just layers and bangs on a bright red head. I didn’t need ‘product.’ Nor did I need special shampoos, conditioners,  brushes, flatirons. Could SportClips give me a haircut?

Well, they probably could, but would they?

I checked into SportClips advertising. There was nothing about women anywhere. Except those busty blondes and brunettes who were actually cutting hair.

So, I checked with SportClips customer service online. One Whitney Tarver, Administrative Assistant, responded:

Of course you would be welcome!  Keep in mind that we do not keep the tools and products that would be available to stylists in a regular salon.  I hope this helps!

Thank you.

Whitney Tarver
Administrative Assistant

What I did need yesterday, was a haircut. So did my partner, Ted. We both needed to feel like…new men.

There’s a SportClips on Harlem and 79th in Burbank, so we ventured there. No one knew we were coming. Nor did we reveal ourselves as anything but customers.

The two of us walked into Sports Heaven. Or what I’d envision as Heaven, if it were a sports arena/hair salon. (are you listening, God? It’s me, Alison.)

All that was missing were stadium seats and refreshments. And $10 beers.

The flatscreen in the waiting area was showing the Big 10-ACC Challenge. There was a teenage boy in the waiting area, and one guy inside the ‘Shower’ (shampoo area) and two stylists, Sammi and Paulina.

I was the only female, outside of Sammi and Paulina. And a teen’s mother, who was waiting for her kid. But Sammi welcomed us both, and didn’t even flinch when I said I wanted a haircut.

I chose the VIP Experience, which includes everything but the neck and shoulder rub, for $21. It’s two dollars more for that. Ted chose the Varsity Experience, which is a general styling and haircut, for all intents and purposes.

And the experience…oh, the experience….ahhh!

I was led to a massaging chair to have my hair shampooed. I vibrated (happily) for the entire time while Paulina kept up a good, relaxing lather and conversation. Damn, that Tea Tree shampoo felt invigorating….so did their leave-in conditioner.

I left the massaging chair reluctantly. But the Bulls-Hornets game was waiting for me at the station.  And a close-up of Michael Jordan, who’s part-owner of the Hornets, in the stands. I got to see the Bulls blow out Michael’s team, 102-95.

Paulina shortened my layers by a half-inch, as directed. Unlike other haircut places we’ve tried, we were blown dry. And I got styled. Paulina had some fun and teased the top of my hair.

‘Now, I look just like Adele,” I teased.

My version of Sports Heaven...Bulls game on...shiny, happy hair freshly cut!

Selfie version of Sports Heaven…Bulls game on…shiny, happy hair freshly cut!

Both of us left there feeling good. Relaxed. Happy.

And we were armed with incentives to come back.

Sammi, the Assistant Manager, gave me one incentive I’d like to share with you:


If you’re reading this, you’re a Token Female woman who’d like to experience a great haircut, a massaging shampoo,  and an hour of sports.

And in this holiday season, we need as much relaxation as possible, don’t we?

I have a coupon, good for one person, for the SportClips location at 79th & Harlem Avenue in Burbank.


The free haircut is yours if you can come up with the cleverest comment on this site.

Start comments with “I want to be a new man because….”

For the winner, I’ll private-message you with the details.



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