107-2? Should There Be A 'Slaughter Rule' In Indiana HS Basketball?

107-2? Should There Be A 'Slaughter Rule' In Indiana HS Basketball?
Bloomington South High School (IN) coach Larry Winters and the Panthers girls basketball team. Should there be an Indiana high school "slaughter rule?"

In the NCAA Regional Basketball Tournaments, it’s always fun when mid-major Division 1 college teams (let’s call them “Davids”)—St. Xavier, Murray State,  Lehigh, Norfolk, etc., take on unsuspecting, swaggering  major basketball programs (aka, “Goliaths) like Duke, Kentucky, Louisville,  or UConn) and win it all. Hello, Duke vs. Lehigh in 2012….75-70 Lehigh…bye-bye to Coach Kin the Round of 64!

Or when a women’s team like Stanford ends UConn’s record setting women’s winning streak after 91 games.

That said, is it as funny when it’s a high school girls’ team?

You be the judge.

As reported by yahoo.com, the Bloomington South Panthers High School girls’ basketball team beat the Arlington High School Golden Knights in a nonconference game, 107-2 on Tuesday night in Indianapolis.

The victory also scored the Panthers (8-1) a place in several record-setting categories, including most points scored in a quarter (45), largest margin of victory (105), and most points scored in the modern era.

Reaction to the lopsided victory was immediate and fierce in the Twitterverse.

“Mike” tweeted to the Indianapolis Star: “107-2? That sounds SportsCenter worthy”

Yep. ESPN-worthy.  Huffington Post-worthy. Probably Chicago Tribune-worthy. And of course, Token Female-worthy.

The score prompted an official with the state prep sports association to say he never wants to see an outcome so one-sided again.

“(The score) is probably not what we would like to see,” Chris Kaufman, a spokesman for the Indiana High School Athletic Association, told RTV6 in Indianapolis.

Lauren Whitlach tallied 30 points for the winning team and the result is their first ever victory by more than 34 points.

Bloomington South’s most famous athletes include former Chicago Bear Rex Grossman, who led the Bears to their only Super Bowl appearance since winning it all in 1986. Grossman was also “Mr. Indiana Football 1988.”

Arlington had lost 23 consecutive games, and is currently 0-6 this season with an average of 17 points per game. However, such a significant loss has sparked some controversy, about both the

Bloomington South coaching and the Indiana High School Athletic Association’s no-mercy rule. Bloomington South coach Larry Winters told the Indianapolis Star there was no effort to embarrass Arlington or run up the score. Winters said he played all nine of his players. But did they run up the score intentionally? Winters said:

“I didn’t tell my girls to stop shooting because that would have been more embarrassing (to Arlington).”

 Arlington’s only points came on a free throw in the second quarter and another in the third.

 First-year Arlington coach Ebony Jackson says she was disappointed with how Bloomington South (8-1) handled the game. Her team is 0-6 this year and has lost 23 straight games.

“No, it’s not OK, but (Winters) will have to live with that,” Jackson said, according to the Star. “If that’s how they want to carry themselves, that’s fine. I’m focused on me and mine, and we’ll just keep going.”

In its report, the Star carried tweets from outraged fans. From one: “This is disgraceful & a blow 2the integrity of (Indiana high school basketball).”

Another, from “Hearts and EyesWide@MyWide Lens”: “Wow! Bloomington South could have called the game instead of running up the score on Arlington. No sportsmanship.

Or Andrew Smith, who writes: “I’ve crossed paths with BloomS’s Larry Winters. Have also seen Arlington this year. It is that big of a mismatch. He wouldn’t run it up. ”

“It’s basketball,” Jackson told USA Today. “You see where you are and go out there and play. I’m not mad. (Winters) is running a great program. We’ll go back to the drawing board and I’ll nurture my players.”

Arlington can take comfort in that this wasn’t the largest margin of victory ever recorded. According to Scout.com’s “Hickory Husker Book of Indiana High School basketball records, a 158-point margin of victory was recorded back in 1921-22. Hartford City 164-6 victory over Roll High School. In all likelihood, that was a men’s score.

That score makes a 102-point loss seem, well, a little less egregious.

Additionally, Arlington High School found a reason to smile . According to USA Today’s  prep sports page reported that Indianapolis native comedian-actor Mike Epps planned to visit  members of Arlington High School’s girls basketball team — players.

Event promoter Amp Harris and Indianapolis native Epps (whose acting credits include “Next Friday” and “The Hangover”) organized a 3:30 p.m. meeting with the Arlington athletes.

Harris told USA Today that the girls needed “encouragement and a boost in morale.”

What do parents and players think? Should Indiana institute a slaughter rule for overmatched players?


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