Binders Full of Women, Take 2: An Aspiring Woman's View of the "Token Female"

 Last week, I had the oppotunity to speak with Journalism students in Ted Peters’ class at Moraine Valley Community College in Palos Heights. It was a pleasure to meet such sharp, engaged, and curious men and women. Thanks to Ted Powers, Glacier Faculty Advisor, for the opportunity!

Seasoned journalist speaks to students


Anne Parker

October 14, 2012Posted in: Features

Photo by: Mike Frederiksen

“Passion for doing what you want drives everything else,” said Alison Moran, sports commentator on WRLR 98.3 FM at an interview she had with students on Oct. 9 in the U building.

This motto followed Moran through her time as a young girl when she was not allowed to be on her community’s little league team at six years old because of her gender.

She calls herself the pre-Title IX baby, because this amendment was not passed until 1972, and before that women were not granted equal access in sports in educational programs.

“Everybody said you’re crazy to see women’s sports,” said Moran. “Women are so perceived as being less strong than men.”

However, this is not the case for Moran, who on her blog “Token Female” and in discussions, stresses the importance of women having equal rights as men, especially on the playing field.

This past Olympics in London, she feels, has continued to heighten the rise of women’s sports. “I feel that the 2012 London Olympics were, what I call ‘the Title IX Olympics’, since the 2012 Olympics showed the first inkling that women took sports seriously,” said Moran.

Along with being the sports commentator on WRLR 98.3 and author of her blog titled “Token Female,” which appears on Chicago Now, Moran was a co-host of the Weekend Sports Report and volunteered to read news stories on KRISS radio for the blind and disabled. Moran mentioned that she is “determined to fight for those who need a voice.”

Moran received her bachelor’s in journalism and an additional bachelor’s in history from Drake University in Des Moines, IA but says she “loved writing more than anything in the world.”

Moran is a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan. Her inspiration to be a sports writer came from her grandmother, another fan of the Cubs.  Moran began writing a column in high school for the Pioneer Press about the Pet of the Week, and her passion for writing grew from that point.

During the discussion Moran took interest in each students’ career plans and style of newswriting that they want to pursue, such as broadcasting or sports writing. Moran provided students advice, noting that gaining an internship and researching the field you plan on following are great steps to getting a job that one desires.

“It is important to get as educated as you can in a variety of experiences,” said Moran.

As a sportswriter her favorite sport to cover is football because of the strategy involved. Her favorite sports overall are baseball and hockey. She is a fan of the Chicago Blackhawks, Bears, and Bulls. Along with covering sports stories she loves the opportunity to travel for her job. Moran has been to many events, including the Capital One Bowl and the Alamo Bowl.

Along with her inspirational stories, Moran made one thing clear to the students and that is there is always “one lucky break after another.”

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