"Swayme as in Game" The Weekend Sports Report for 11-19-11

"Swayme as in Game" The Weekend Sports Report for 11-19-11
My days at WKRS-AM included co-hosting the Weekend Sports Report.
On “The Weekend Sports Report, with Les Grobstein Steve Leventhal, and yours truly……Our NFL Round Table…did I stay on top? Who won the week? Let’s just say that “Once You’re A Jet…you’re a Jet” figured into the decision this week.
The Cubs have a new manager…it’s prounounced SWAYME…as in GAME! The Packers try to stay undefeated, the Bears attempt to stay in the playoff hunt, and a big upset in college football are just a part of the discussion.¬† Also, my husky WSR Updates, thanks to a late-night benefit. Hey, we’ll take one for the cause of abused children!
Bruce Pinsler joins us with his thoughts on the Blackhawks and more. All on the program today.
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