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Chicago Holidays with Chicagonista Live

Chicago Holidays with Chicagonista Live Yesterday was a frigid one in Chicago. But I had things to do and places to go. “Chicagonista Live” hosted an influencer/blogger luncheon catered by Eataly Chicago. It was a wonderful event talking food, cakes, etiquette and tablescapes for the upcoming holidays. It was such a pleasant afternoon of great... Read more »

Kid in a Candy Store...all the Snacks for Kids I Could Ever Want!

Kid in a Candy Story- Snacks for Kids and Adults Today, I was like a kid in a candy store and was able to enjoy all the snacks for kids and adults that I wanted to sample. “Kid in a Candy Store” The National Confectioners Association held the “Sweets and Snacks Expo” here in Chicago at McCormick Place. I... Read more »

Oscar Red Carpet Sexism #AskHerMore

Sexism and the Oscar Red Carpet! Is it all about sexism on the Oscar Red Carpet? Apparently, there is a real issue surrounding the question posed to actresses, “Who are you wearing”? There is even a hashtag demanding #AskHerMore! Should there really be battle lines drawn, when it comes to the glamour and fashion at... Read more »


Sunrise It is breathtaking… mind moving To see the sun come up on another day. Another day to get it right! Another day to enjoy whatever comes my way. A new beginning of sorts. What I like most.. I never know what the dawn of day will bring.

Where You Can Go As a Blogger...

From Blogger to “Daphne Dishes”   Daphne Brogdon started out as a blogger, vlogger on Momversation and also has a website She is a stand-up comedienne with a sarcastic sense of humor that she manages to share with her fans on her blog, and Daphne Dishes. Today, I had the pleasure of enjoying a conference call with her.... Read more »

Happy Easter!

It has been a beautiful Easter here on the East coast! There is nothing I enjoy more than my moments by the sea. The ebb and flow of the water soothes my mind and body! It always has…   My love of the water came from my dad and the long days we spent at... Read more »

Easter and Passover Together

Celebrating Easter and Passover Together For years, our family has celebrated Easter and Passover together as blended religious holidays. Both my husband and I feel it is important for our family to respect the differences and similarities in our beliefs while celebrating our holidays. I  was raised Catholic and attended religiously affiliated schools through college. Religion was... Read more »