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I Am "The Good Wife" circa 1955 in Spirit

“The Good Wife” What a fascinating funny article that first appeared in 1955 when I was a child! Was this really what was expected of women in those days? Here is what I remember as a little girl from that era. “In May of 1955, Housekeeping Monthly published an article entitled, “The Good Wife’s Guide,”... Read more »

St. Patrick's Day Memories Past and Present

St. Patrick’s Day Memories Past and Present   On  St. Patrick’s Day we had a saying in our house that “there were those that were Irish and those who wished they were!” Growing up in New York and a stone’s throw from the Bronx. a veritable stronghold of an Irish community, my Irish roots were celebrated... Read more »

My Brooklyn Heritage

My Proud Brooklyn Heritage In a small Brooklyn apartment, Jacob Winterhalt, a former Air Force airman, looked on as his 3-year-old daughter, Raya, and her best friend, Doris, chased each other. The girls wore sneakers. Doris’s were equipped with red lights that flashed with the urgency of a distress beacon. FROM OUR ADVERTISERS “No shoes... Read more »

My Goals for 2016...What are Yours?

  My Goals for 2016!   Source: More ‘me time,’ in 5 easy steps – Chicago Tribune For years I have been struggling with “me time” and trying to eek out what I refer to as “me moments” . Each day poses a different opportunity for those moments to actually take place or not take place while... Read more »

Wishing you all a little Happiness

                                                                                        Wishing you all a little Happiness   “And a Merry Christmas... Read more »

Hungover after Celebrating Mother

 Hungover after Celebrating Mother     Do you suffer from a post Mother’s Day Hangover? I definitely do! I am not sure how to describe it but my symptoms are something like the day after Christmas or Thanksgiving when I feel let down along with relieved that the day is over. Yesterday pictures of moms, grandmas,... Read more »

Always thinking of Mom...

Mom is Forever Everyday since my mother died 14 years ago I think about her and I miss her. She was my anchor She was my friend She always forgave She was a great listener She was a reader She was a hard worker She was devoted She gave me a love of life She... Read more »